Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Who Are You Calling "Soft"?

By Alan Caruba

Barack Hussein Obama’s contempt for Americans is so huge he cannot hide it.

Recall his view that some Americans are so backward that they “cling to their guns and religion.” Some historians might argue that America was built on its preference for guns and religion. There is a reason why, after guaranteeing the rights of free speech, the press, and the right to peacefully assemble for the redress of grievances in the First Amendment, the Second Amendment makes it abundantly clear that those same citizens have a right to own and bear arms.

Religion has played such an essential role in our history that, if were it not for a group of very religious people we now call the pilgrims, America might be a very different place. The right to worship freely and in the manner of our choice is deeply embedded in the national culture.

Most recently, Obama said that Americans have gone “soft”. Imagine that?

This from a man who has a fleet of limousines, a helicopter, and a jet plane at his disposal; a man that lives in a mansion provided by his fellow citizens, fully staffed to ensure that all his personal needs are attended to and one who gets to attend events in that mansion where celebrities provide the entertainment.

If anything, we are being led by the first metrosexual who’s more concerned about the crease in his slacks than the fact that his policies have done nothing to lift the nation out of its most recent financial crisis (we have had many before).

Obama, whose memory seems to extend no further back than his last speech, is an idiot.

We recently recalled the loss of three thousand fellow Americans on 9/11 ten years ago, but Obama is oblivious to the fact that Americans who he considers “soft”, repaired the damage done to the Pentagon, cleaned up the debris at Ground Zero, and are well on their way to building splendid new skyscrapers, plus a memorial to the dead. The Twin Towers are being replaced with, appropriately enough, a Freedom Tower.

History also informs us that the “greatest generation” had spent ten years suffering through the Great Depression prior to responding to a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, declaring war on both the Empire of Japan and Nazi Germany. Starting from scratch we and our allies defeated both by 1945. Was that generation “soft” because, thanks to a bumbling, Keynesian government, many previously had to stand in soup lines for a warm meal?

Obama is a perpetual embarrassment to most Americans—save for the twenty to twenty-five percent who want to hold civil trials for the likes of the Islamist fanatics who are still plotting to kill us.

While the media has been quick to credit Obama with the killing of Osama bin Laden and Anwar al Alwaki, they have ignored the fact that those actions were made possible by George W. Bush who restructured our intelligence, defense, and law enforcement communities to coordinate in ways they had never done before.

Obama signed the capture or kill orders, but the machinery was created by his predecessor. It was Obama who wanted to close Guantanamo and prosecute the CIA interrogators who secured the information used to degrade and destroy al Qaeda.

As for Americans being soft, I doubt that Obama has ever attended or watched a football game; a quintessentially American sport involving brute force, combined with speed and athleticism that requires extraordinary skills. Obama is far more likely to be found playing golf; a fine sport, but not one that fills stadiums.

No one suggests that Obama did not “inherit” a nation facing an economic crisis, but it wasn’t, as Obama kept saying for his first two years in office, Bush’s fault. It was the result of bad government programs dating back to the days of the Great Depression. They were that same kind of "stimulus" programs that Obama has used to run up the national debt.

Now he has the gall to blame Americans for being “soft” while 14 million are unemployed, others have lost their homes to foreclosure, and the rest struggle to raise their families, pay their bills, and tend to the needs of their community.

It is a terrible thing to have elected a big baby, a petulant, self-indulgent child to the highest office of the land, along with a Vice President who is a babbling fool.

To hear him call the rest of us “soft” is a rebuke that will be answered in November 2012.

© Alan Caruba, 2011


Lime Lite said...

Iran happened under Carter and the Arab Spring has happened under Obama. Not only the Arab Spring, but also the Palestinian's pushing for recognition via the UN. It is no coincidence. BO is seen as a joke around the world by America's enemies and the Islamists no longer fear the USA because of their current weak leader. They all know that they have to make hay whilst the BO sun is shining and hay they are a-making. The sooner BO is gone the better for the world and of course, for the USA. I just hope that whoever is voted into the WH next year is up to the job of putting a lot of wrongs to rights in your country and abroad.

Necromancer said...

Lime-Lite is correct but he forgot we willie the stooge.

Ir'Rational said...

You make an error of fact (albeit a common one):
the USA did not declare war on Nazi Germany - Hitler declared war on the USA immediately after Pearl Harbor. Check, if you will.

Alan Caruba said...

@Ir'Rational. I am going to fact check this. FDR called on Congress for a declaration of war against Japan and I doubt we could have done so against Germany without authorization. It was likely both.