Tuesday, August 7, 2012

National Review and Breitbart Take Notice

A very nice day indeed! The publisher of the National Review, Jack Fowler, who also writes "The Corner" column took note of my post about ABC News' treatment of Beef Products Inc with lies about "pink slime" that have nearly put an end to the thirty-year-old firm and forced the loss of some 650 jobs.

And Tony Lee of Brietbart.com, writing in its Big Journalism section, has done the same.

The post has been making its way around the Net since Sunday so it clearly articulated the disgust so many feel for the sloppy reporting that has come to characterize all of the network news outlets.

-- Alan Caruba


Harry Dale Huffman said...

Very good news, Alan, congratulations.

Lime Lite said...


glendamay said...

WONDERFUL, good on for you. Plus, just this morning a conservative friend forwarded me your Obama "I have this theory" article quoted in WSJ, never knowing we've been checking in with your thoughts for many months. So your well-researched, well-thought, intelligent discourse is recognized for what it is...priceless. Thanks to you, Mr. Caruba!

john said...

Splendid! Your knowledge conveyed trough your excellent articles is greatly appreciated! Thank you, Alan!