Thursday, June 12, 2014

3.5 Million Visitors to "Warning Signs"

Today “Warning Signs” has passed 3.5 million visits since its inception and, yes, it is very encouraging to know that it continues to gain more and more visitors who find it a source for documented facts and serious analysis.

Thanks to the Obama economy, however, “Warning Signs” needs your donation to help deal with day-to-day office expenses and the costs involved with being on the Internet. That is why, if you want to celebrate today’s milestone with me, I am asking you to send a donation of $10.00 (or more if you can) as an expression of your support.

The Internet is “free” in terms of its content, but the provision of that content, as is the case of “Warning Signs” commentaries, involves a serious commitment of time and labor. Your donation will help maintain that.

Please make your donation today.

 Thank you!

 Alan Caruba

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