Friday, December 18, 2009

The Real Melt-Down in Copenhagen

By Alan Caruba

If the United Nations cannot run a conference in Copenhagen without riots in the streets, why would anyone want to turn over the governance of the world to these people?

For old “skeptics” like myself, watching the chaos in Copenhagen was sheer joy. It’s always a mistake for liars to gather in one place to trumpet their lies because it always attracts people who believe that the truth is the best antidote.

And for believers in the universal God of mankind and the universe, how lovely to see four inches of snow fall on Copenhagen in the midst of speeches and panels claiming that the Earth is warming. Even atheists who understand that global warming was and is a fraud could take some pleasure in that. In German, it’s called “schadenfreude.”

What became abundantly clear was that the Climate Change Conference was not about climate at all. It was about getting the developed nations to send billions to the undeveloped nations that have, as in the case of Africa, lived off of this largess while loudly criticizing the donors for being horrid capitalists.

The other aspect of the conference was the way the handful of global warming entrepreneurs like Al Gore (a) journeyed there in their private jets, (b) drove around town in their rented limousines, and (c) desperately repeated all the worn-out and discredited global warming claptrap about melting glaciers and ice caps, the die-off of every species known to man, including man, and the fact that this would occur in five, ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty or fifty years. Take your pick.

Who do you think is heavily invested in and dependent on the sale of bogus “carbon credits” for the use of “dirty” fuel such as coal, oil, and natural gas? Answer: Al Gore and the other scoundrels who have spent years creating the mechanisms to cash in on this. When the Russians sold their oil or natural gas in Europe, they were delighted to also sell the carbon credits necessary to use it under European Union (Kyoto Protocol) rules.

The other melt-down involved the totally specious “science” that carbon dioxide has anything to do with the Earth’s climate. Or that man-made CO2 can or does change the climate. The carefully constructed spider’s web of lies put forth by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change were destroyed by the release of thousands of emails by the “scientists” who, it turns out, were deliberately falsifying the data.

The new addition to the Big Lie of global warming is that the Climate Research Unit of East Anglia University had its computers “hacked” when it is abundantly obvious all the emails and other data were on a CD in the event that it was demanded under Britain’s Freedom of Information Act. It was leaked, not hacked. Similarly, the U.S. Act is being used to secure the data behind NASA’s claims supporting global warming.

Naturally, Al Gore claimed that the CRU emails were at least ten years old. NOT! He also managed to claim that all the ice at the polar caps was melting. NOT! And that the center of the Earth is millions of degrees hot. NOT!

And, of course, like a moth drawn to a candle, President Obama had to make an appearance and repeat all the global warming lies that no one believes any more except for the 20% of the U.S. population that thinks he is the Second Coming. NOT! Take note, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, was also there telling lies.

In the weeks, months and years ahead is the slow unraveling of the past twenty years of unrelenting lies about global warming. It will be slow because the mainstream media will be the last to acknowledge that they were wrong.

What lessons can we draw from this huge fraud? Given control or the collusion of the mass media, it is possible to fool a lot of people a lot of the time.

Given the backing of the government, billions in taxpayer’s money can be given to organizations and individuals who are delighted to cash in on the fraud.

Those entrusted with teaching our children the truth about the real world betrayed them.

Those perpetrating the global warming fraud are among the worst liars and hypocrites to walk the Earth.

There is no end to the evil of Marxist socialism. It must be fought every day and all through the night. It takes many forms, but it is always about enriching an elite few at the expense of freedom for the rest.


Unknown said...

Rangel speaking of Obama's Copenhagen speech -

"This president is very, very unusual," said Congressman Charlie Rangel. "His power of persuasion and his eloquence somehow brings together how the whole world feels. I think we are very close. I am optimistic."

In the part of Texas where I live, we don’t think of him as eloquent but rather as All Hat and no cattle. As for “bringing us together”, we Texas Panhandlers were already together -Obama received less than 15% of the vote in the Texas Panhandle. Yes, I’m bragging like a Texan because others can’t blame us for electing this windbag.

Nevertheless, the next 3 years will be the longest & most frustrating of all.

Alan Caruba said...

All hat and no cattle translates to "an empty suit" and both apply very well to this windbag Marxist who got elected because he managed to fool the easily fooled.

Unknown said...

Lies? The people fighting against global warming action are the biggest liars in the world. It is totally obvious and should be obvious to you as well unless you were raised by wolves and have never encountered humans before.

Republicans for example are the slimiest low down piece of trash liars I have ever witnessed. You are so gone, so destroyed that you cannot even differentiate between the liars and the truth tellers. The truth is that you think EVERYONE is a liar, and you are just angry at the people at the climate conference for not being pro-laissez-faire-capitalism.

Well heads up buddy, most of these people are here genuinely and honestly because they want to save the planet. I guess this is something outside of your experience. You have never wanted to help anything except yourself. So you label them liars and are angry because they seem to be "lying so well".

Al Gore is supporting this cause and he is using his money to support the cause as well. If that is a conflict of interest than so be it but your hyper-cynical mind can only see conspiracy. If he has it pointed out that the emails are not as old as he said, then he is the type of person that will be the first to admit his error in the face of facts, unlike you and the rest of the global warming denying jackals.

Yes, these people do not have a crystal-ball and cannot be exactly sure when the ice will melt, but at least you don't combat the argument that warming is occuring. I guess even you cannot argue against blatant facts. It is a FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLE OF SCIENCE to be DISINTERESTED about the work they do. Sure, researchers are human, but if this happens it is the exception and not the rule. On the other hand capitalists have no such rule and by definition will want to skew the facts to support their cause.

and your final paragraph is really boneheaded when you say marxism is about enriching the elite few at the expense of all. Um, if you are going to talk about marxism why don't you read something, anything about it and you will see that this is EXACTLY WHAT MARXISM IS TRYING TO COMBAT.

Alan Caruba said...

I know what Marxism is trying to combat. It's profit, the end result of capitalism and the main reason the US has enjoyed a very good economy for a very long time. The lack of it caused the Soviet Union to collapse along with its iron grip on the lives of those unfortunate to have been born there.

Likewise, Red China where Mao's stupidity cost the lives of millions of Chinese who starved to death and who knows how many millions ended up in his and the Soviet ghulogs.

"Well heads up buddy, most of these people are here genuinely and honestly because they want to save the planet."

Is that what you guys were doing in the streets, when not FREEZING FROM THE COLD? I saw a lot of rioting which appears to be the only form of exercise you lazy Leftists ever get.

You want to "save the planet"? From what? From whom? From the next Ice Age? This is vanity and conciet--and stupidity--on a level that is hard for anyone to understand or excuse.

TexasFred said...

All hat, empty suit, full of crap...

That covers it...

Wouldn't you love to buy Algore for what he's worth and sell him for what he thinks he's worth?

Unknown said...

Maybe the lazy leftists would be a little more active in their day to day life if they weren't so depressed from seeing the ruling powers in the world destroy the planet, the environment, animals, the poor, compassion, communication, etc...

We can argue why communist powers imploded, but I will say even though I don't think this was necessarily the case for China or Russia, it is never wrong to stand up for your principles in the face of massive force. It's not "stupid". try heroic or courageous.

p.s. thank you for allowing my post and engaging me a little on this topic

Alan Caruba said...

Heroic? Courageous? Those are words that people desperate for a cause use to justify not having to look at the facts involved, i.e., there is no global warming. The Earth is ten years into a new, totally natural cooling cycle.

The Earth has been around 4.5 billion years. Homa sapians for about 100,000, of which the last 5,000 represent civilization and, until the mid-1800s, if you wanted to go anywhere you needed a horse or oxen to draw your wagon.

I suggest you stop being heroic and courageous--words I reserve for the men and women serving in uniform around the world against people who want to kill you--and think about getting a job, a real one that produces a service or product people want and will pay for. It's called capitalism.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry but it is YOU who is unwilling to look straight at the facts of global warming. Whoever said we are in a 10-year cooling trend is obviously a global-warming denier with an agenda of his own. I don't say that out of cynicism, but because that's what the facts show!

"As we predicted last year, 2007 was warmer than 2006, continuing the strong warming trend of the past 30 years that has been confidently attributed to the effect of increasing human-made greenhouse gases," said James Hansen, director of NASA GISS.

We have temperature sensors, we can factually see what is going on. Wishing it wasn't so isn't a legitimate strategy.

Science tells us that CO2 will trap heat in our atmosphere, like a greenhouse. It is not disputed that the level of CO2 is skyrocketing far outside of historical bounds. Why is it so hard to believe this will make an impact on our climate?

It was science that allowed the technological leaps that has fueled human progress as you laid out, not merely capitalism. Capitalism just ensured that it was primarily the rich that captured the profit from these advancements instead of all of society.

Alan Caruba said...

Jordon: You have a right to your OPINION, but not to your FACTS which reasonable people understand must be true if they are to be of any value. Yours are not.

CO2 does not trap heat in the atmosphere. One of the major laws of thermodynamics is that you cannot "trap" heat. If that was the case, we would have no need to heat our homes in the winder.

There are a number of links on this blog that will give you the real science and real facts. Try visiting

Then visit and learn what the future really holds for the Earth.

As for my sources, they include the top climatologists in the world who are longtime friends and, yes, "skeptics" who are being proven right as the ugly details of how the IPCC deliberately falsified its data or just left out anything that refuted it...all the time trying to subvert the scientific process of peer review.

Wake up, for God's sake, Jordon.

Unknown said...

"Lies? The people fighting against global warming action are the biggest liars in the world."

LOL... I just listened to MIT's Prof of Atmospheric Sciences talk about how the global warming mantra is basically nonsense.

Just another liar, I presume?

Unknown said...

Oh, that sounds like a real non-biased source.

Dude, sure you can trap heat, like a thermos!

Thermodynamics says you cannot "create or destroy" heat. In global warming science you are neither creating or destroying heat. The heat already exists in the sun and is transported to earth in sunlight. Then it is trapped here by the atmosphere instead of being radiated out into space.

Animals are dying. The ocean is acidifying. Coral is disappearing. Glaciers are melting. I really wish that you would wake up and stop drawing others into your pseudo-science with your blog posts.

You're right facts are facts and cannot be disputed. So if we place sensors all over the world and they keep going up, what does that tell you???

Unknown said...

I'm not a liar. At most I am wrong, same as you guys.

Rich Kozlovich said...


I have been reading Jordan’s comments and I couldn’t help but notice the pattern in his writing style.

Here is a clip from a letter to the editor regarding one of the presidential runs of Dennis Kucinich, entitled “Keep tilting ‘Dennis Quixote”. I would like for you to take note of the writing style.

"Steven Koff’s “A Don Quixote campaign” almost made me cry, but it made me love Dennis Kucinich even more. I don’t know where he gets the energy to go through all this of us undeserving people.

He seems a stranger to his world and at the same time he is so much one of us. There is a light that comes through him that shines in the darkness. He is like a lamb among the wolves, and at the same time he has an indomitable strength.

Armed with the truth he demolishes lies like a house of cards and still ahs compassion for the liars. He is the man of the futrure. Wait and see."

The person wasn’t even from Ohio let alone Cleveland. It was signed from someone from Haiku, Hawaii.

I couldn’t help but notice the similar patterns....or the feel of their writing if you will.

And by the way....she actually wrote this ... I didn't make it up.

Alan Caruba said...

"Oh, that sounds like a real non-biased source.

Dude, sure you can trap heat, like a thermos!"

Now, Jordan, you have (1) failed to even consider the scientific data this site offers and (2) repeated the same wrong "facts" you believe.

At this point, there is no reason to continue because you are immune to reason or facts.

You're blocked, Dude!

TexasFred said...

Talk about an empty head...

Jordan brings nothing and wants everyone to acquiesce to the ignorance he/she or androgynous it brings...


Unknown said...

Jordan brings the well-recognized fear mongering mantra that says the world will end if you don’t agree with me.

Copenhagen is about nothing more than countries looking for more foreign-aid handouts.

Anonymous said...

I think that there is some measure of contradiction and hypocracy underlying the whole Copenhagen shambles and its bogus congregation.

For a start I should have thought that the 'warmists', the extreeeeme Greeeenies, would want to keep quiet about any AGW and its consequences.
After all, are not their expressed goals to reduce human population - by any means - in as short a time as possible? Would they not want to march around, quietly, the walls of our Jericho - our civilization - and watch from a distance in their cozy caves as the floods roll in and the crops wither, and watch with glee as the hated humans are reduced to dust?
What a tree-hugging fest that would bring on.

Instead, they shout from the rooftops that we are all doomed if we fail to pay, pay and pay some more to avoid the very curse they want to inflict upon us. Like wanting to push someone under a truck only to snatch him back just in time before impact.

Instead, they have blown it - the cretins! They screamed from the rooftops of our imminent demise and only if we follow their instructions will we be saved.
Now they have the task of finding another way to get rid of us all. Hmmm, what scare can we inflict next, now we have blown our credibility? I know, lets inflict a pandemic and wipe them out that way - great thinking Ratman and Bobbin!
Well, AIDS didn't work, SARS didn't either and H1N1 was a joke and we made a fool of ourselves by raising the pandemic to level six.
Ok, Ok - let's forget about CO2 because things keep on growing bigger as the level is increasing - and let's not tell them that the world is cooling. I know, let's blame nitrogen, a nonmetallic element that constitutes nearly four-fifths (there's loads of it to sell) of the air by volume, occurring as a colorless, odorless, almost inert diatomic gas, N2, in various minerals and in all proteins and used in a wide variety of important manufactures, including ammonia, nitric acid, TNT, and fertilizers. We can tell them that we have to reduce that gas, too.
Yep, we're really on a roll, now, guys. We can get that clown Gore on board to make another silly movie and scare the kids. It will really work this time, eh?
The cat is out of the bag and racing down the road on its way to Hell closely followed by Santa's sack full of emails for worlwide distribution. Ho, Ho, Ho!
Believe the Copenhagen hype? Believe the Greeeeenies? Not a cat in Hell's chance.

Alan Caruba said...

Robert: The telltale sign that Jordan and others like him/her are not serious was the instant rejection of a website or any other source of factual information that disputes their views. Many of noted that environmentalism has mutated into a religion of sorts.

Unknown said...

Here is what I wrote at my Political Forum,

"Alan Caruba also believes that this 'unraveling' is going to take months at the least to work its way out. Personally, I don't mind, because I love to see the Kook Left Fringe squirm and twist, as they attempt to free themselves from the tightly woven web they have made for themselves.

However, I do disagree with one thing he, and many others, keeps stressing. This is not juts 'evil Marxist socialism'. It's the entire gambit of Collectivism;,.......All of it! Trying to pigeon hole everyone into one neat little group turn people off, and they become glassy eyed. Place the entire blame squarely where it belongs. And that is Collectivism, be it Fascism, 'so called' Democratic Socialism, marxism, or vanilla wrapped Socialism.

Doesn't matter, it's basically All the same thing. It's the State over the Individual."

As the saying goes, "he who controls the language, controls the debate." And if we are going to control things, we really need to be accurate about what we label things/people. People are not as simple minded as we presume.

We have spent the last 70 years trashing the word "Liberal", which is shameful. And we have made everyone think of Collectivism as simply Marxism. It's not. However, ALL of it is deceitful, degrading, immoral, and just undoable. But we owe it to ourselves to be take the high ground and control the language, or it will control us.

Unknown said...

" Many of noted that environmentalism has mutated into a religion of sorts."

Yes, the Jim Jones kind of religion.