Sunday, December 12, 2010

Most Boring Celebrities of the Year

Here's a change of pace, imported from my blog for The Boring Institute, a media spoof I created in 1984. After 9/11, I put it on hiatus, but we're back!

Most Boring Celebrities of theYear

South Orange, NJ – It’s official. Lindsay Lohan is the Most Boring Celebrity of the Year according The Boring Institute.

After a hiatus following 9/11, The Boring Institute is back with its annual list of “The Most Boring Celebrities of the Year.” Founded in 1984 by Alan Caruba, a public relations counselor, the Institute was active for nearly two decades spoofing celebrities, films, and television shows.

This year’s list is filled with familiar show business names. In reverse order, it is:

10. Kanye West. Or is that Kanye Pest?

9. Mel Gibson. Mel is giving bigotry and misogyny a bad name.

8. Betty White. Older than dirt, but she keeps escaping from the Actor’s Home.

7. Keith Olberman. He and the five other people watching MSNBC need a personality transplant.

6. Joy Behar. She is proof that having an opinion is not the same as having an IQ that’s lower than room temperature.

5. Justin Bieber. He’s cute and the little girls adore him. An earlier generation felt the same way about Paul McCartney and now they’re all grandmothers.

4. Miley Cyrus. It’s painful watching Miley navigate her teenage years. We wonder what it will be like to go through menopause with her.

3. Lady GaGa. Take away the weird fashion statements plus weird makeup and what do you have? Boy George.

2. Snookie. Cute nickname and not much else. The rumor that people from New Jersey have an attitude is true.

1. Lindsay Lohan. Fresh from rehab, let’s hope America’s most famous drug and alcohol addict stays clean so Charlie Sheen can regain the title.

“We’re not saying that these celebrities are themselves boring people,” says Caruba, “but that the overwhelming media coverage and exposure gets very boring, very fast.”

Caruba is widely known as a daily commentator via his popular blog, “Warning Signs” where he casts a wary eye on politics, popular culture, and other topics. The Boring Institute maintains a blog at


TexasFred said...

Great list, I didn't know you had this one...

Alan Caruba said...

@Fred: This annual event has been on hiatus since 9/11. In the years before that the list generated media coverage around the world. I literally did radio with Australian, British, and Japanese, as well as tons of U.S. radio. Plus! TV with Joan Rivers, Regis Philbin, and others.

It was lots of fun, but after 9/11 I put The Boring Institute away. I wanted a lot of time to go by before I brought it back.

This list will be up on tomorrow and that guarantees it a vast audience. For me, the fun is in the feedback. Glad you enjoyed it.

joetote said...


Fabulous! In these trying times, a good laugh is always a great thing! And I couldn't agree more as to the "honorees"