Sunday, July 18, 2010

Taking Obama's Measure

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Carolyn said...

Hi Mr. Caruba. Why do I get the feeling that anything having to do with the Military is just a pesky minor detail to be shoved aside unless it can be used to promote more of Dear leader's agenda (as with the repeal of don't ask/don't tell).
I remember when the Iranian people were being murdered in the streets during their election time. Everyone around the world was condemning Iran's regime- except for obama.
Unless it would turn out to be something good for Israel, dear leader is pretty quiet on Middle East issues (oh, well and unless it's something he can use to further Islam too).
He just doesn't seem to care. He's so focused on shoving his marxist ideas into our own society, that he could care less about our troops anywhere they may be.
I remember when all the "Bush Lied and People died" hooplah was going on, and while I hated to see our troops dying, I realized that it was a portion of the larger war which needed to be fought.
Now though, more of our Soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan during this year- and NO peep about it from anyone. Where's the press' breathless daily announcements. Or maybe they are- I just don't watch the lamestream.
Anyway, I know boys who have been in both Iraq and Afghansitan, and I am afraid for them. Our apologist in chief does NOT care, he makes stupid rules which harm our boys even more, and unless it's something good for him- he just does not care.
Sorry Mr. Caruba- you've gotten my hair in a knot with this one.
God Bless~