Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obama's Budget Speech Bombs

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Unknown said...

Keep up the mantra that billionaires create jobs, even if it's been proven false time and time again! If tax cuts for the wealthy create so many jobs, what happened between 2000 and 2008? Oh yeah, they put all that money in their off-shore bank accounts and shipped jobs overseas.

Ronbo said...

Obama: The last president of the American Republic?

He could be.

With every passing day it appears that the only way out of the current economic crisis is anarchy or a New Roman Empire.

If this is the only choice, The People will always chose dictatorship, especially if the new enlightened emperor keeps the constitutional forms of the old republic around.

It worked for Caesar Augustus.

TexasFred said...

I would love to see a play about Obama done as a Shakespearean works, say, Julius Caesar:

Et tu Conservatus? Then DIE Obama...

Necromancer said...

I wouldn't watch or listen to that fool if you paid me and I absolutely refuse to watch or listen to the talking heads. If there is something really important happening it's FOX News channel on cable.

Alan Caruba said...

@Necromancer: I agree! I can no longer watch or listen to Obama. He LIES and he does so all the time. I felt the same way about Bill Clinton.

Guy in Ohio said...

Ric, business owners and billionaires are the ONLY people who create real jobs. That's a fact. If you happen to be someone who believes that GOVERNMENT creates jobs, you are dead wrong.

Government creates nothing but LIABILITIES, that must be funded by the people who are actually working real jobs and producing real wealth.

That being said, you are correct when you say that American business has shipped a lot of jobs and production overseas. The question we must ask ourselves is "WHY?" The answer is simple. The business environment in the US is toxic on several levels.

First of all, US taxes are confiscatory compared to other countries. Why would you intentionally pay twice as much in tax if you could avoid it?

Secondly, labor rates for unskilled labor have become ridiculous here, thanks to the unions. Why would you want pay twice the amount for labor to build a product when you could build it elsewhere cheaper?

Thirdly, environmental regulations and other ridiculous government meddling have added another layer of cost to American manufacturing. Our companies are avoiding those costs by LEAVING...

Lastly, our failed energy policies have driven energy and transportation costs through the roof. Why would any business intentionally pay those costs when they can go elsewhere where it's a lot cheaper?

American businesses are competing with other companies in other countries who don't have those high costs. Do you want them to fail, or adapt to the market? Abandoning America and relocating overseas may not be the most patriotic thing to do, but given the alternative, FAILURE, it was a choice that had to be made in boardrooms across America.

It's REALITY time in America. We can't have high wages, zero pollution, uncontrolled government spending, limitless entitlements, cheap energy and cheap goods in our stores. It just isn't possible.

Sacrifices must be made, and they must start with UNIONS, GOVERNMENT, and ENTITLEMENTS. If we cannot make those changes, we are doomed as a society, and our position as the world leader in industry and technology will be surrendered.