Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Caruba Under Attack by SPLC

In today's edition of Solon.Com, my commentary about the Oathkeepers evoked an attack by someone writing on behalf of the Southern Poverty Law Center where the article originally appeared. Also included in the attack is the American Policy Center and my longtime friend, Tom DeWeese, its founder.

By happenstance, not planning, I have a commentary about the Center and DeWeese, also under attack by the SPLC, that will be posted here later today. It was written over the weekend.

The SPLC article asserts that I am the communications director for the American Policy Center. This is wrong. I served in that capacity for about ten years until 2004. I continue to be an advisor to the Center.

Also under attack in the article, Tea Party Nation, a social network site to which I contribute my commentaries. Apparently the SPLC has a problem with any group or organization that seeks to protect the Constitution and the nation "from all enemies foreign and domestic."


Dave's Daily Day Dream said...

Way to go, Alan! You must being doing something right when those creeps come after you - typically with the wrong information.

Alan Caruba said...

Thank you, Dave. Libs always have a hard time with the facts and the truth.

Ronbo said...


...and all I ever got for seven years of blogging was one lousy e-mail death FATWA from British Muslims in 2007 :-)

Alan Caruba said...

Well, Ronbo, you're man enough to admit it.

If you get around anyone with a British accent, you better be packing heat.

In truth, it's kind of fun to be denounced by the Lefty wackoes.

Lime Lite said...

Alan, the SPLC are a bunch of thugs who have made it their mission in life to shoot down any Conservative they can, whilst hiding behind their law firm. If they can use the racist label, all the better. They've been going after many Conservative blogs, funded by their fellow liberals who are scared of their own shadows. The SPLC is nothing but a front for Liberals who live in ivory towers and scare easily. Their leader lives the life of a King on money not earned by him. You only have to Google them to see what they're all about. Funny how these worms crawl out of the woodwork when a fellow Liberal is POTUS. Hopefully, come November, they'll crawl right back where they belong!

Ronbo said...


Very true!

Also, it means they fear you as a spokesman for Truth, Justice and the American Way!

But seriously, like Rush Limbaugh said, you can always tell who is most effective on our side by the intense volume of hate speech spewed their way by the Left.

Example: The Sarah Palin witch hunt.

Zamir said...

Alan, you have my congratulations for achieving something worthwhile in the fight against Liberal Stupidity. Here, have a donation for your success!

Alan Caruba said...

Zamir, thank you for your donation to Warning Signs. Now if I could just get the rest of the folks who visit daily, weekly and monthly to do so as well!

Zamir said...

"In a series of articles last year, Caruba lashed out at immigrants, Muslims, the LGBT community and, of course, Obama."

There's the -real- issue the SPLC are trying to advocate (albeit poorly). They're a "civil rights" group, so naturally they have to throw a bone to their idiotic investors and contributors.

My response is, as always, a matter of Free Speech. Alan, your posts need no defense because they were of your opinion and, in many cases, facts. You are not an elected official. You are not a policymaker. Therefore...SPLC can shove it where the sun don't shine. Slandering both a reputable institution AND an organization of veterans (which I am a member of) just to take you, a simple citizen, to task should be the basis for enough lawsuits to bury that disgusting organization.

Alan Caruba said...

Thank you, Zamir. I won't sue them because I prefer to ignore them. Like you say, I write a combination of opinion buttrussed by facts.