Sunday, January 10, 2010

Great Britain Meets Cold Reality

There is a price to pay for imposing "global warming" policies on an entire nation as our English cousins have been doing now for decades; closing coal mines, building wind farms, believing nonsense about carbon dioxide causing warming, supporting the Kyoto Protocols and the recent UN Climate Change conference. Sooner or later reality imposes itself and, inevitably, innocent people die as a result.


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Wow. Right now, Alan. How sad for those of us who have to pay for the evil that our leaders are doing.

TexasFred said...

I wonder how much discontent the Brits will stir? I suppose an armed insurrection is out of the picture for them huh??

John A said...

Today (11 Jan) I have seen some references that point to the Met calling this winter as being part of continued warming. Seems that the winter temp is calculated by averaging the warmest 15 days. and since November was warm any freezing December-March is just left out...

Ayrdale said...

I am UK born, and believe the British people are close to civil disobedience (although their protest movement is much more restrained than that in the US.) However, taken together the decades of multiculturalism and state socialism and the lies that have been necessary to prop these destructive tenets in place are producing real anger.

Something's gonna give.

Guy said...

Ayrdale, I hope you're right, but I'll believe it when I see it. The activists all left Britain, came here, and promptly went to sleep ...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Guy. As an Expat Englishman I can say with absolute certainty that we shall not have the prolitariat massing at 10 Downing Street. The odd march of one group or another but no mass uprising.

The people are too impoverished to make any stand because most are now at the edge of sustainability and a couple of days off work to join a mass protest, and maybe a pay loss or even a job loss as a consequence, is unthinkable.
It is as simple as that. Notwithstanding, either, the knowledge that our Marxist government have emergency plans and powers in place to firmly thwart any possible mass uprising.

No, the Brits are not yet at the wall and it will take something much more than the present financial crisis to make them face it and turn on authority.

The lights go out? We break-out the candles.
Food gets short? Break-out Mrs Beaton's cookbook.
No gas for the fire? Slip on another jumper and fill up the hotwater bottle.

Just as long as the status quo can be maintained for eeking out an existance, although with dwindling resources, the rapacious gangsters in Parliament need have no worry for their safety.

I would be interested in surveying an alternative scenario where Britain's gun laws reflected those of yours in the US. In such a case, then just maybe, the wall would appear that much closer that much sooner.
Clive in the Philippines.

Anonymous said...


But, who needs wind, when you have ethanol from corn?

Unlike the title of a recent movie falsely suggests, they aren't just wrong, they really are evil.