Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti and other Hell-holes

By Alan Caruba

This is by way of just blowing off a bit of frustration in the wake of the non-stop news coverage of the latest disaster to hit Haiti.

To begin with, we are witnessing in this first day or so of news coverage that I call the "Five Known Facts" school of reporting; repeated endlessly!

That is to say, 98% of everything being "reported" is pure spectulation from the news room anchors and assorted experts, and the rest of the reporting is the most obvious stuff from the on-the-scene reporters. They are scrambling to say something more than just that hundreds, if not thousands, have died, buildings are destroyed, et cetera. We know that already!

It is the story of every major earthquake or comparable disaster anywhere.

For my part, however, it is a reminder that I have never heard anything about Haiti that was not a testament to the most vile aspects of despotism and corruption found in too many nations around the world.

How many millions have been poured into that chunk of Hispanola at this point? None of it ever reaches the people. None of it ever builds a road, a bridge, a school, or a hospital.

The minute Haitians can escape Haiti and come to America they become productive, wonderful citizens, but Haiti is a prison nation of no value to them or the rest of the world.

Haiti's current grief will be the focus of news organizations for perhaps two weeks at most. Forgotten or ignored is the way Haiti reflects comparable conditions in several African nations and elsewhere around the world where dictators continue to pillage whatever is of value and to oppress freedom.

Our attention span for such things is short and, if I dare to say so, America is in the early stages of becoming a failed nation, defaulting its debts, and rendering its dollar valueless.

The nation is being deliberately destroyed by Barack Hussein Obama and his cronies. That's why he doesn't care if he takes down the Democrat Party as well.

So, instead of really doing something about the rising unemployment occurring here, tending to the long-needed repair of our bridges and other infrastructure, cutting taxes so we can use our own money for our own needs, Americans blithly pass their time watching "American Idol" and discovering that yet another athlete is a failed human being.

Our Congress is no longer responsive to the millions of Americans, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, who hate the vile Obamacare program, something which the White House and Congress have wasted far too much time upon, given the fact that it is a hugely bad idea and occurring at the worst of times; wasteful and hurtful in more ways than one can count.

Is there death and destruction in Haiti? Yes. Will America do what it can to help? Yes. BUT! We have terribly serious problems here at home and, instead of solutions, we have been forced to deal with the failed ideology of socialism while abandoning the successful application of capitalist answers. The government will not let either Wall Street or Main Street function properly!

We need to stop beating up the bankers who were forced to make the bad loans and then to take TARP money. We need to stop kicking around the Wall Street crowd that risks billions to underwrite new technologies and help businesses and industries of every description grow and prosper.

The government must stop thwarting the building of more nuclear plants, more coal-fired plants, and the generation of the energy we will desperately need in the very near future. We need to Drill Here and Drill Now!

America is a treasure trove of coal, oil, and natural gas, but the government will not allow private industry to find it and extract it.

Do I feel bad about the Haitians? Sure, but five, ten, or twenty years from now they will still be wearing rags and living in shacks.

Right now, I want to avoid that future for more than 300 million Americans.

I want to stop the flow of illegal aliens draining our economy and using our services while contributing nothing in return. They have no right to be here. I want us to stop pretending that Islamists are not plotting to kill all of us and a nuclear Iran will give them the means to do it.

So, look at the television footage of the misery of the Haitians and think to yourself, unless we rid ourselves of those in power, fix our present economic problems without "bailing out" failed industries and financial institutions, and begin to prepare for the future, there but for the grace of God, go us.


Anonymous said...

"...something which the White House and Congress have wasted far too much time upon,..."

It seems that's all they are good at, wasting time, ...and, of course, money that isn't theirs.

Yes, getting rid of them is THE main priority. As I wrote to someone on another blog, before we can solve the problem of terrorists (and any other, for that matter), we need to get rid of the Leftists, because they are what is obstructing us.

And not only obstructing, but creating new problems on top of the old. Yes, they MUST go, and their MSM enablers along with them

How we do that, I don't know. Personally, I would like to send Obama back where he belongs, and where he will be properly appreciated.

Just a note on "spreading the wealth around." It's only a shell game that makes it difficult to track where the money goes. That way they can take what they want, and hopefully not get caught. And now that the fox is minding the henhouse, that's not something they worry about.

Give generously to Haiti, and you'll be giving to Obama's friends there, and they are not the ones to whom it ought to be going.

Alan Caruba said...

As the bumper sticker says,
"Somewhere in Kenya a village is missing its idiot."

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Alan, I'm glad that you have the courage to say what so many think. You speak the truth.

Travis sez said...

I have to applaud Alan for keeping the perception real. It's a horrible disaster and we should and will send our help, government and private charitable aid. But we are on a parallel path that Argentina followed in the early 20th century. Everything going for them, and mismanaged on steroids. It's still a hell-hole trap for the unwary. Americans used to be wary of handing government control of executive and congress to one party or ideology. Don't re-elect them this time around.

Alan Caruba said...

Thanks, gents.

You can help by telling friends, co-workers, and others about this daily blog. There is strength in numbers.

TexasFred said...

I am seeing MILLIONS of U.S. tax dollars being poured into Haiti, and yeah, I know they need it, but here's the real question, do WE have it to GIVE?

Maybe if you believe in tithing, maybe it'll bring some relief and help to the American people... Maybe not... I am not a *religious* person, I believe in helping those that would help us...

That said, if *THE BIG ONE* were to hit California, who's going to rush in and save the USA??

I guess the 24/7 non-stop news is getting to me too... Speculation is about all they have, that and hysteria...

And now there's organizations pummeling us with BEGS for donations... Those millions of tax dollars, that's MY donation...

Guy said...

Hey Fred .... what does it matter if we don't have the money to give? Can't we just print some more? Or maybe we could just impose a new tax ... I'm racking my brain trying to think of something they haven't taxed yet ... and I'm drawing a blank.

Unknown said...

Haiti is the Libertarian ideal.

1. Very little government intervention in the market. Very little functioning government at all.

2. Taxes on businesses are low.

3. No labor rights and ideal conditions for cheap labor and low production cost.

4. A nearly complete free market situation.

5. Little government controls over the citizens. Building codes are no-existent for example.

There are huge opportunities for the business owners once the "dust settles."

Alan Caruba said...

Then please explain to me why it has been an economic disaster for hundreds of years?

When the rubble is cleared away, the bodies buried, and buildings rebuilt, it will be no better a place to do business than before.