Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Saying No to Emperor Obama

By Alan Caruba

Yes, it’s true. The emperor has no clothes. Even in a State where you cannot swing a dead cat without hitting a dozen Democrats, the voters said “No.”

“We don’t want your odious Medicare 'reform'. We don’t want to be forced to buy insurance. We don’t want a bill that exists only because every sweetheart deal and other form of bribery was used to get it to this point in the Senate.” And, ignored by the media, it was no to amnesty for illegal aliens as well, another issue of Scott Brown's race.

The significance of the Massachusetts victory for Scott Brown is the repudiation of Barack Hussein Obama, his policies, and his performance in office.

It wasn’t the first time the voters sent the White House this message. They told him to buzz off in Virginia and they told him to get lost in New Jersey. This is a tangible voter backlash against profligate spending and excessive taxation.

Come November, the voters, Democrats, Republicans, and independents will come together to clean house in Washington, D.C. It takes no great punditry to see that coming. If the midterms were held tomorrow, the result would be the same.

It is almost beyond comprehension how Obama could have engineered a failed presidency within the space of just one year. He got a lot of help from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as mendacious and imperious an individual to have ever held that office. He got a lot of help from Majority Leader Harry Reid, a scowling, malicious cockroach whom the voters of Nevada will remove in November.

Obama’s narcissism and arrogance will blind him to the message of the Massachusetts victory. He and his press secretary, Robert “Glib” Gibbs, will put out a statement that will dismiss the historic event as just an aberration, but the aberration is Obama!

So, stand up and take a bow, Massachusetts!

Home to the Pilgrims;
home to the Boston massacre when British troops fired on protesters in 1770;
home to the 1773 tea party to protest taxes; and
birthplace of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Sam Adams, Elbridge Gerry, Josiah Bartlett, Roger Sherman, and John Hancock, signers of the Declaration of Independence!

Those first Americans led the resistance to the greatest power of their day, Great Britain, and its king.

For all the years Obama taught the U.S. Constitution at the University of Chicago Law School, he either never really understood it or never believed it means what it says.

He never understood that real Americans will not be pushed around, cheated of their Constitutional birthright, or be lied to.

They will push back.

A former emperor, Napoleon of France, spent his last days as an exile on St. Helena. It would not surprise me if Emperor Obama spends his on one of Hawaii’s islands.


Guy said...

Hallelujah! I can't wait to hear all the excuses come pouring out over the next few days. One thing we can count on though ... the left still doesn't get it. Even in the face of this thrashing, don't expect them to be humbled by it. They will press on with their agenda.

It's too bad the election wasn't a little closer though. Now that Coakley has conceded, Brown will have to be seated immediately. I was really looking forward to watching the Dems pull out all their dirty tricks and digging the hole deeper for themselves. I'm sure they'll accomplish that when they continue to try to ram the health care bill down our throats though.

Regardless, the people have spoken, and I like what I'm hearing!!!

Unknown said...
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Alan Caruba said...

Justin, your comment was deleted because your facts were wrong. Suggest you buy a copy of the 2010 World Almanac.

And further suggest that you no longer seek to comment on this blog. Insulting me is not a good way to establish a dialogue.

Alan Caruba said...
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sofa said...

Fall 2008, voters rejected the GOP statism.

Throughout 2009, Tea Party protests reject both (D) and (R) statism.

Januray 2010, voters reject Dem statism.

Voters consistently reject tyranny of kleptocracy and bureaucracy.

But when can we vote FOR restoration of our Constitution?

When can we vote FOR dismantling the Fed.gov agencies of tyranny?

When can we vote FOR putting the corrupt in prison?

Guy said...

Sofa ...I hear that! We've seen some shining examples of tyranny of late, and the number of broken oaths to protect and defend our constitution is mind numbing. It's a monumental task, but I hope we can maintain our momentum and effect some REAL change now ....

Guy said...

Hey Alan ... I'll bet you're getting some real interesting comments today! Maybe you should declare today to be "liberal venting day" and let us read some of them. Maybe just a summary of them in a post. I know I've been getting a kick out of some of the ones I've seen on other blogs today...

Meanwhile, Nasty Pelosi continues to assure us that they WILL pass a bill. I dare her to try it now. The giant has been awakened ....

Alan Caruba said...

Yes, I hear from deluded liberals all the time, but I am disinclined to let them air their lies or insults on my blog. They have the mainstream media to do that for them.

ajdshootist said...

No he will move home to Kenya.

TexasFred said...

Now someone needs to explain the facts of life to Pelosi... What a moonbat...

Ol James said...

Don't it strike yall as funny that,
1. A Republican won in a mostly democratic and independent state.
2.Sen. Elect Brown basically came from behind in the race.
3.The state Sen. Elect Brown is representing is the very one where The Tea Party was.
I believe, much like in the 1700's a revolution is taking place. About time the gubber-mint realized that they work for US, not the other way around.
"Yep, stuff's gettin better."

Unknown said...

Amazing the Democrats still can't get anything done. They still have a greater majority than the Republicans have had for many decades.