Friday, March 5, 2010

Just another day in Israel

The next time you hear the expression "a bad neighborhood", think about living in Israel where the women of the Israel Defense Force, like all soldiers, routinely carry their weapons with them.

If America's gun control rules were not so extreme, the killings in our schools, on our college campuses, and in our malls would likely become a thing of the past.

h/t to Theo Spark and Doubletapper (blogs)


Sailingbum said...

Sexy women with guns!!
God is GOOD!!

Guy said...

Did you see the German women who won the biathlon? Blonde, blue eyed, well built, intelligent, sexy, and boy can they shoot. Made my heart go pitter patter ... we need some women like that here in America!

Alan Caruba said...

Different strokes for different folks, but guys...aren't we getting a bit off message?


Sailingbum said...

It's your blog.. Bye bye

Alan Caruba said...

Where you going, Sailingbum? If I didn't like your comment, it would not have been posted.