Friday, March 26, 2010

Mainstream Media Ignores Climategate

By Alan Caruba

Ah, Spring! The days grow longer and warmer. Trees begin to sprout leaves again. Early flowers like crocuses begin to appear. Birds return to serenade each other and build nests. It is a time of renewal, an annual reminder of the Earth’s capacity to shake off the hibernation of winter and regenerate itself.

What I have also noticed since the revelations in November 2009 that the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change data had been deliberately falsified to justify claims of “global warming” is the return in the media of the usual idiotic claims that “global warming” is causing this and that.

The Economist, an otherwise respected news magazine, had a recent issue in which it essentially said it didn’t care how much evidence there was that no global warming was or is occurring.

The media doesn't care that Gallup’s annual poll of environmental issues shows global warming is at the bottom of Americans’ concerns. Of the eight environmental issues listed, global warming finished last.

The Earth entered a definitive cooling cycle around 1998 when weather satellites all recorded decreases in average global temperatures. The temperatures reported by the IPCC had been deliberately falsified by the placement of weather stations in or near “heat islands” such as cities or had been ignored when their data contradicted the fraud.

In February, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), the lone voice of sanity in Congress regarding “global warming”, asked the Obama administration to investigate what he called “the greatest scientific scandal of our generation.” Sen. Inhofe asked that Al Gore be called back before the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee to defend his claims that “the Earth has a fever” and that drastic measures must be taken to avoid “global warming.”

Having passed the healthcare “reform” bill, the Obama administration will turn toward the passage of Cap-and-Trade legislation that is entirely based on the IPCC’s phony “science.” It is a scheme to sell and trade “carbon credits” intended to reduce “greenhouse gas emissions.”

The Environmental Protection Agency has already threatened to regulate carbon dioxide (CO2) and other minor atmospheric gases, none of which have anything to do with the non-existent “global warming.”

This would strangle the nation’s economy because the use of most energy sources except nuclear and hydroelectric generates CO2. Cap-and-Trade has been characterized as the greatest tax on energy use in the history of the nation.

Briefly, the EPA’s threat is based on IPCC “science” regarding greenhouse gas emissions. The IPCC is an international organization that is not subject to U.S. data quality and transparency standards. Moreover, U.S. agencies, NOAA and NASA, have participated in the provision of dubious “global warming” data, politicizing a scientific process to the point of rendering it useless and invalid.

The EPA is clinging to the lie that humans are causing climate change and continues to engage in practices that propagate the fraud and thwart economic growth. There is no threat to public health from CO2, a gas that is vital to all life on Earth because it is to plants what oxygen is to humans.

You are not likely to read about any of this in the MSM. In the same way they are studiously avoiding the full story of the collapse of the “global warming” fraud, they will continue to propagandize Cap-and-Trade and other measures.

Spring officially arrived on Saturday, March 20.

© Alan Caruba, 2010


Ol James said...

I'm fairly sure all of yall have seen the commercial on the boob-toob to turn off your lights for 1 hour. It's so stupid I forget the day..anyhow..
I live between a Hydroelectric and a Coal Fired generation plants. I INTEND on making good use of them that day!!!
I'll turn off my lights when they pry the switch from..well yall get the picture.
I wrote my Representatives in DC. Told them they allowed the Health Care Ripoff to pass....they had better not allow the rest of the trash to make it to the light of day.

Alan Caruba said...

Earth Hour is set for Saturday between 8:30 PM and 9:30 PM.

What a wonderful place the U.S. was before electricity. No street lights, no central heating, no television, no computers, no nothing except candles.

Unknown said...

Warming or cooling, the Earth is far worse shape than it was when I was a boy. I used to be able to find a stream I could drink out of. Now there are none. Birds and other wild life are disappearing. I grew up in Texas where there once was a contiguous stand of Oak forest from Arkansas to Dallas. Now there are contiguous strip malls. The air is dirtier. The water is dirtier. Nuclear waste and heavy metals are being dumped every where.

Companies use the public commons to dump their waste, to leave their refuse and the People have to clean it up.

An island disappeared this week in the Indian ocean from rising sea levels. The ice has cleared on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. It is the earliest date for the lake to be ice-free since residents started keeping records over 120 years ago

I do not think you have to worry about the coal and petroleum industries that you work for. They are being given the right to pollute as Congress will give away lots of exemptions.

Alan Caruba said...

Comrade Libertarians:
I do not work for any energy company. Just because you "think" that's why I write about energy, you are wrong.

You are also wrong that "an island" disappeared in the Indian Ocean. It was a sandbar. The come and go all the time.

Feel free to drink the Green Kool-Aid, just don't bring it here and expect me to join you.

Unknown said...

Comparing fifty years ago to now, since "I wuz there":

A fleeing felon jumped into the Houston Ship Channel, around 1960; he hit an acid hot spot and got second degree burns all over. But, by 1975 with NEPA '69, USF&WS saw juvenile tarpon in the channel.

In 1968, you could not see the buildings of downtown Houston from any distance. By 1975, and on into today's world, visibility is much better.

The Cuyahoga River no longer can catch fire, melting a bridge.

Lake Erie has been brought back from being a dead lake.

Can we keep on improving? Yeah, maybe, if we can deal with the pollution loadings from the many tens of new people who now live here, as compared to fifty years ago...


Alan Caruba said...

It is easy to assume I am "against" clean air and water because I oppose the gangster mentality of the EPA. Since enacted in the 70s, it has been the fastest growing government agency, far outgrowing its original mandate and finding ways to thwart any economic development anywhere.

Unknown said...

Alan, d'accord about the behavior. All in all, they've "Quit preaching and gone to meddling."

Addendum to my other post: What I like about this Globular Worming is that in my desert home, our average daytime highs, these last twenty years, have been some ten degrees lower than the previous twenty years...

However, if all this warming continues, I'm gonna have to give up and install some kind of heating system. I don't have one, at the moment.

Ol James said...

Mr. Alan, some people tend to forget...
The Major cause of dirty air is politics. Be it environmental or on the airwaves.
I'll give you a Big Ol Amen, Sir!!
My son is closing on a house. It was built in the '50's. He and his fiancée wondered why there were just 2 outlets per room?? I told them the fellow that built the house must have been a supervisor at either the Cotton Mill, Steel Plant, Goodyear or just rich.

Guy said...

I agree with Desertrat ... we've made MAJOR strides toward cleaning up our environment. As always, common sense and balance must always enter in to the equation. Letting the zealots call the shots is foolish.

I also agree that any improvements we make in emissions will be difficult to offset if we allow uncontrolled population growth, which is a subject that nobody really wants to talk about. We have a lot of challenges facing us. It's unfortunate that we have an administration that is so obviously obsessed with exerting their control over us, and clearly lacks the focus necessary to deal with these challenges effectively ...

Ron H. said...

Guy, you said"

>"...if we allow uncontrolled population growth..."

What are you suggesting? And who are the "we" doing the allowing?

Krackonis said...

The Global Warming Crisis and the Credit crisis are being used as TOOLS to create a reason for depopulation and dehumanization of 'undesirables' by putting it in an' Us or them' category.

This is like using the Drug war as a justification for wars in South America...