Monday, March 1, 2010

Quote of the Day: 03/02/10

From The Times of London: Professor Phil Jones, ill-famed for participating in emails between fellow global warming advocates that revealed a conspiracy to hide data and suppress anything that might cast doubt on the hoax, was questioned by a committee from the Institute of Physics.

They were asked “not to press him too closely because he was close to a nervous breakdown.” How can one not like the British?

Only in England, however, could one find an individual named “Lord Lawson of Blaby” and not elicit a giggle. He is the former Conservative Chancellor and a leading climate skeptic..

“Proper scientists,” said Lord Lawson of Blaby, “scientists of integrity, wish to reveal all of their data and all of their methods. They don’t need freedom of information requests to force it out of them.”

Well said! The closest we have to him is the Hon. James Inhofe, Senator from Oklahoma, a Republican who, if he regains the chairmanship of his committee, will happily subpoena Al Gore to explain why he should not be indicted for lying under oath.


Ronbo said...

Excellent article as usual, Alan!

Algore has much explaining to do before Congress and, hopefully, a jury of his peers.

Alan Caruba said...

Thank you, Ronbo.

From time to time, when I see a really good quote, I hope to make this an on-going feature of the blog.