Friday, March 26, 2010

Week's News Round-Up

By Alan Caruba

Week began, March 21, with a “March for America” by several thousand illegal immigrants and their supporters in Washington, D.C.

Congress passes massive, costly healthcare “reform” against the will of the people.

Nancy Pelosi turns 70 years old, Friday, March 26.

President Obama announces major reduction in U.S. nuclear missile arsenal; new treaty with the former Soviet Union.

Osama bin Laden announced that, if Khalid Sheik Muhammad, mastermind of the 9./11 attack, is given the death penalty, al Qaeda will kill every American it takes captive.

A South Korean naval vessel sinks off the coast near the border of North Korea; it is believed to have been torpedoed.

Death toll from Mexican drug wars goes up. U.S. couple, wife pregnant, staff at U.S. consulate in Mexico, are murdered.

Democrats and Republicans trade death threat accusations following Medicare vote.

President Obama holds closed-door meeting with Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu. Demands Israel stop building housing development in its own capitol.

The Congressional Budget Office released a report stating that President Obama’s 2011budget will generate $10 trillion in cumulative budget deficits over the next ten years, $1.2 more than the administration projected, raising the federal debt to 90 PERCENT OF THE NATION’S ECONOMIC OUTPUT BY 2020.

Week ends, March 27, with “Earth Hour”, an event sponsored by environmental organizations involving turning off all lights between 8:30 PM and 9:30 PM. It is a tribute to the good old days before electricity.

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Unknown said...

Since the CBO is obligated to use the numbers as provided by the Congress, I see it as reasonable odds that the 2020 date is rather optimistic.