Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Next "Enemy of the State" is Energy

By Alan Caruba

Despite a significant majority of Americans who opposed the healthcare bill, despite protests heard by members of Congress starting in the summer of 2009, despite a huge protest rally in Washington, D.C. in September, despite having the phones and faxes of Congress jammed with protests, the bill passed the House on March 21 by a margin of five votes.

Five votes! The final count was 220 for it and 215 against it. The story of how those votes were secured is a sordid and ugly chapter in the governance of this republic. Americans are still reeling from the catalog of bribes and backroom deals involved. Healthcare represents an assault on the Constitution, on the nation’s economic future, and on the belief that the will of the people should be the guiding factor regarding legislation.

The vote portends, however, legislation that is intended to completely and utterly destroy the economic foundations of the nation.

Waiting in the Senate is a Cap-and-Trade bill that would impose the largest tax on the use of energy the nation has ever seen. It lacks any scientific justification, based as it is on the fraud known as “global warming.”

The nation will not survive Cap-and-Trade and James M. Taylor, a Senior Fellow specializing in environmental policy at The Heartland Institute, a Chicago-based, non-profit, free market think tank has authored “The Cap & Trade Handbook” that explains why. It is a slim six pages. (On May 16-18, the Institute will sponsor the Fourth International Conference on Climate change.)

Cap-and-Trade seeks to impose restrictions on greenhouse gases in general and carbon dioxide (CO2) in particular. Taylor notes that “The portion of the Earth’s greenhouse gas envelope contributed by mankind is negligible, barely one-tenth of one percent of the total. Carbon dioxide is no more than four percent of the total greenhouse gas envelope. (Water is more than 90 percent, followed by methane and nitrous and sulfur oxides.) Of that four percent, mankind contributes a little more than three percent. Three percent of four percent is 0.12 percent.”

There is no proof whatever that CO2 or human activity plays any role in “global warming” and there is no proof whatever that “global warming” exists except a natural cycle based on the actions of the sun, the oceans, cloud cover, and other factors over which humans have no control, nor influence.

Moreover, the Earth has entered a new, natural cycle of cooling and its average temperatures have been declining since around 1995. Weather satellites all confirm this and it began to cause consternation among a small group of scientists who, under the aegis of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, deliberately perverted climate data in order to foist the “global warming” fraud on the world.

Since “global warming” is a fraud, Cap-and-Trade is a fraud.

The Obama administration, however, took power vowing to make war on the sources of energy on which the nation depends for its electrical power and transportation needs. Coal, which provides just over fifty percent of all electrical power, is high on their list. Huge national reserves of oil which provide gasoline and diesel for our transportation needs continue to be restricted despite talk of “energy independence.” Even natural gas is being subjected to efforts by the Environmental Protection Agency efforts to thwart extraction.

The Obama administration is five votes or less away from destroying the nation. As President Obama has said, “Electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

This is tantamount to treason.

As Taylor points out, “a 70% cut in carbon dioxide emissions would cause gasoline prices to rise 145%, electricity prices would rise 129%, and more than four million jobs would disappear. Average household income would fall by nearly $7,000 each and every year” if Cap-and-Trade is enacted. The bill calls for an 83% cut in emissions!

These projections are based on data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration and from the Congressional Budget office.

A mere five votes or less could plunge the nation into poverty beyond even the estimates of costs attributed to the unconstitutional Healthcare bill. Our worst external enemies could not bring about such a collapse.

Cap-and-Trade is a nation killer.

Editor’s Note: You can secure more information by visiting the following websites:,,,,,,, and to name just a few science-based sources.

© Alan Caruba, 2010


Anonymous said...




...and a(nother) pep-talk

Rachel Pohli said...

As if this monstrosity of a healthcare bill isn't enough, now this? What can he/they possibly be thinking? Unless this is a deliberate ploy to completely destroy us. May God intervene to prevent him from getting those 5 votes!

Dave's Daily Day Dream said...

I am still reeling from this week's activities. The PTBs have moved us further from the Constitution than we have ever been before and I'm concerned about whether we'll recover.
That said, part of the reason for my dismay is that ANY TIME I try to have an adult conversation with someone about this subject, their first sentence IS ALWAYS, "yeah, but Bush…" (!)

Rachel Pohli said...

Bush may have been FAR from perfect, but I'd like to see how this SHAM of a president would handle a terrorist attack on the magnitude of 9/11...that is, if he didn't orchestrate it himself! A bit of an exaggeration, maybe, but after what I've seen this administration do, I'm not sure I could rule anything out anymore. The very fact that this country has managed to install a MUSLIM in the office of highest authority, is a mind-blowing reality for me. God help us, what is next?

Chief said...

As Rachel P said "Unless this is a deliberate ploy to completely destroy us." and to that I say Yes They Are.
Read about Piven and Cloward, and of course Saul Alinsky. These are the people who inspire and guide the worst of them in DC. They will collapse the nation.

Anonymous said...

70% cut in emissions? 70%?

Whence cometh enough electricity to do other than one 40-watt bulb per house, you should pardon my facetiousness.

How does anybody get to and from work, to watch machines which are idle, or sit in the dark at the retail store?

We could sit outside and string beads like a bunch of Hippies, wishing we had some food. Maybe sell them to the visiting tourists from China and India. Watch Pelosi flying back and forth from DC to Weirdliville.


Frank said...

Majority rule is such an ugly thing?

Hey, you forgot to bring up your push for socialized nuclear power.

Did you hear the recent report. Yucca Mountain was abandoned. Even if it had been finished and somehow could have been made safe, it would be full by now. The US would be working on their next Yucca mountain by now.

But, now Yucca is abandoned. There is no, not one, new alternative place to dispose of waste. Private industry puts this cost on the People. Private industry is busy spinning off nuclear power plants into worthless corporations that they can walk away from. This way they will not have to pay for cleaning up their waste when old plants close down.

Alan Caruba said...

Dear Comrade Frank:
Nuclear waste can be reprocessed. This is common practice.

Don't forget to turn off your lights Saturday evening for "Earth Hour." You probably like sitting around in the dark anyway.

Anonymous said...

Yucca Mountain full? Hardly. Nuke waste is dense, not voluminous, not even with shielding and cladding. YM was closed for political reasons.

I guess it's safer to enjoy the Cerenkov Blue Glow and the drums full of "goodie" than to be serious about storage in a safe site.

And, yeah, recycling is indeed a possibility.

I'm way out of date, of course, but my two semesters of power reactor design have me believing I am a bit more up to snuff on the issue than one can learn from the deep profundities of Jane Fonda.