Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Congress that is Immune to Facts and Truth

By Alan Caruba

Here’s what we know about “global warming.” There isn’t any. The only warming that has occurred has been the entirely natural warming that occurred when the Little Ice Age ended around 1850.

By contrast, the Earth has been cooling for the past decade. Warming and cooling cycles are well known to climatologists who have not sold their souls to the global warming fraud. Thousands of those who have not have been signing petitions to protest the lies about global warming, now called “climate change.” The Earth is 4.5 billion years old. Its climate has always been in a state of change, including a number of well-known ice ages.

What is also known is that carbon dioxide (C02) plays no role in global warming or climate change. The Earth’s atmosphere is primarily composed of water vapor. There has been no atmospheric rise in CO2 for the past 160 years. CO2 comprises 386 parts per million in the atmosphere, whereas human exhalation contains 40,000 parts per million, more than one hundred times as much.

Without CO2 there would be no life on Earth. All vegetation depends on it. More C02 would be extremely beneficial, increasing crop yields, aiding the growth of forests.

The claims of global warming have been entirely based on computer models. Those justifying drastic action to reduce CO2 emissions have been proven to have been deliberately false, the handiwork of a handful of “scientists” who have received millions in research grants. Every report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been filled with lies.

Despite this, on June 10 the U.S. Senate, by a party line vote of 53-47, defeated a resolution by Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AL). Six Democrats joined Republicans in voting against it. The resolution would have restricted the Environmental Protection Agency’s effort, comparable to the Cap-and-Tax bill, to regulate CO2 on the grounds that it was a “pollutant” that poses a danger to human health and life.

The effort to require limits on greenhouse gas emissions, primarily CO2, would affect all industry and business activity in America, making it increasingly costly, less competitive, and generating a financial scheme based on the sale and trade of “carbon credits” that has already enriched people like Al Gore.

At the same time, many European nations that signed the UN Kyoto Protocol requiring such limitations have learned that it has harmed their economies without any benefits whatever. The alleged value of such carbon credits in Europe has diminished steadily, particularly in the wake of the failed UN Conference on Climate Change last November.

The Conference failed after the leak of thousands of emails between the global warming conspirators that demonstrated their efforts to hide keep their data from being examined by other scientists, a standard practice, and seeking to subvert science journals from publishing articles disputing their global warming claims.

Beyond the conspiracy to foist the vast global fraud on the world are the enormous investments and government subsidies for “clean energy” such as wind and solar.

President Obama hailed the vote saying it moved the nation “toward (a) clean energy economy, but such an economy ignores the fact that America and all other nations are dependent on the use of oil, natural gas, and coal. So-called clean energy provides barely three percent or less of all the electricity generated in America. It can never replace these established sources of energy.

Energy policy in America must of necessity be determined by a Congress responsive to the voters, not by faceless bureaucrats with an environmental agenda whose purpose is to destroy the nation’s economy. The transfer of power from the legislative branch to the executive is sinister and a threat to the future of the nation.

Unfortunately, the current Congress and those preceding it have ignored the facts about energy, denying Americans access to its own vast reserves of coal, oil and natural gas by designating massive amounts of the nation’s land as wildlife reserves and “protected” areas known to have those reserves.

They have ignored the fact that global warming is a fraud and a hoax.

They ignore the impossibility of solar and wind energy to meet the needs of America for reliable electrical power.

They ignore ours (and every other nation’s) dependence on oil for transportation and industrial use.

A Congress that cared about America would disband the Environmental Protection Agency as an enemy of progress and growth.

Instead, it continues to heedlessly seek to give it control of the nation’s future and with it our lives.

© Alan Caruba, 2010


Guy said...

Sweet November ....

That's all I can say ...

LarryOldtimer said...

If we can last until November, and only if a majority of voters can avoid being hoodwinked by political imposters. The stupidity of American voters can not be overestimated. "Hope" is the evil which allows humans to not do the necessary things they should do.

Alan, once again, you have hit the nail directly on its head.

Ol James said...

...correct me if I am wrong now. Wasn't it Walter Mondale, who was running for President, that wanted to cut down all the trees because they were polluting the air???
Well I guess he backed the IDGITZ who voted for this travesty..."..stupid is, as stupid does."

cmblake6 said...

This is now linked at mine. Well said indeed, Alan.

And I'm in agreement with others who've said "Please God, let us LAST until November".