Saturday, September 15, 2012

1.5 Billion Bin Ladens

by Alan Caruba

Amidst the graffiti on the wall outside the U.S. embassy in Cairo, one of the rioters scrawled “1.5 Billion Bin Ladens.” Last time I heard, the last thing bin Laden saw was a member of Seal Team Six just before he took a bullet to the head. That is the way a nation that has been attacked responds to the murder of nearly three thousand of its citizens.

To suggest, as the White House keeps saying, that rioting in more than twenty-five mostly Muslim nations is the result of some amateur film that no one has seen reveals an administration that thinks Americans are stupid and unaware that President Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East is responsible for the crisis that has killed our ambassador to Libya and others. A compliant mainstream news media continues to report this fiction.

At the heart of events is the intention to create a Muslim caliphate stretching across the Middle East, Northern Africa, and into Southeast Asia. One that will stretch into Europe and, presumably, America. The aim is to establish governments in which Sharia law will replace any remnants of democracy and freedom. It is being aided and abetted by Barack Hussein Obama.

I don’t want 1.5 billion Muslims to die. I just want them to stop attacking America, the West, and each other. The likelihood is that many, if not most, Muslims find the rioters an offense to Islam, but if they said so out loud, they are just as likely to become a dead Muslim. No other faith of the many on planet Earth requires its faithful to make war on everyone that is not a Muslim.

There is no making peace with the more radical elements of Islam for whom dying as a martyr is so appealing they believe that killing other people is worth strapping on a bomb.

Jews don’t believe this. Christians don’t believe this. Hindus don’t believe this. And Buddhists don’t believe this.

The history of Islam reveals a pattern of conquest by a cult that venerates a self-proclaimed prophet.

In 612 AD, Mohammed began to preach his new “religion.” It was a patchwork of what he knew of Judaism and Christianity with a mix of local pagan faiths. Its greatest appeal was that it endorsed the pillage of caravans and then of tribes as a means to acquire wealth. It permitted men to have several wives and reduced women to chattel. If you were a malcontent forever looking for someone to hate, you were instructed to hate—and kill—all non-believers in Allah.

In 632 AD, Mohammed died. His followers launched “holy wars” to spread Islam and, in the process, created the schism between Sunnis and Shiites concerning who was Mohammed’s rightful successor. They still disagree and, as we have seen, do not hesitate to kill one another.

By 638 AD, Muslims had conquered Jerusalem and, within a few decades, controlled an empire stretching from Libya to Afghanistan, a landmass that includes modern day Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Iran.

In 673 AD, the first Muslim attack on Christian Constantinople was repulsed. Having established Islam throughout northern Africa, Muslims invaded Spain in 711 AD where they would remain for seven centuries until driven out. When they tried to go farther north in Europe, they were stopped at Poitiers, France in 732 AD.

Between 1095 and 1291, led by the Catholic Church, a series of crusades ensued. The latter ones were more successful, recapturing Jerusalem in 1099. Saladin would recapture it in 1187 AD. In 1453 AD, Constantinople fell to Ottoman armies and the Church lost its base in the Middle East. Rome would become its capitol.

Thereafter the greatest threat to Europe was the Ottomans, but in 1683 their army was decisively defeated near Vienna, ending any expansion. It would not be until World War I that the Ottoman Empire would be dismembered by Britain and France.

Muslims have long memories and still resent the loss of Spain despite their spread into India and parts of Asia. When Israel declared itself an independent nation in 1948 those memories were inflamed because Islam does not cede land it once controlled.

In the modern era, the West has mostly sought to control the Middle East through the proxies of various despots, but that has not always worked out as they wished. After invading Afghanistan the Soviet Union collapsed when they were driven out. They lost control over satellite nations in Eastern Europe. The U.S. is seen as losing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Militant Islam is on the rise again, driven in large measure by Iran, but also funded and encouraged by Saudi Arabia despite its reliance on American military power to protect it. The present turmoil has nothing to do with a quest for democracy and freedom.

In Egypt the overthrow of Hosni Mubarack put the Muslim Brotherhood in charge and President Obama had signaled his support when he gave his apology speech in Cairo in 2009. He then supported the overthrow of Libya’s dictator.

In all likelihood, Israel will have to mount a military mission to damage Iran’s nuclear program. If it does not, it will be destroyed. After Israel, America will be next. So let’s root for Israel even if the present administration does not.

America’s problem is the present administration of Barack Hussein Obama who was elected in 2008 despite the fact that his father was a Muslim, his step-father was a Muslim, and his outreach to Muslims has proven to be a colossal failure.

America responded to the 2001 attack on 9/11 with military action in Afghanistan and Iraq. It did not pursue these wars as we once did against Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan in the last century which ended with the demand for an unconditional surrender and a long occupation.

That’s going to be hard to achieve as President Obama continues to reduce our nuclear arsenal and massive budget cuts to our military power kick in. Those who think that America can withdraw from the Muslim turmoil and aggression behind two great oceans are wrong. We could not do that in the 1940s, we could not do that in 2001, and we cannot do it now.

© Alan Caruba, 2012


joetote said...

You know. Michael Savage posed an interesting point a couple of months ago. Put yourself in Israels shoes. You can sit back and be killed by the Muslims and be reviled or you can kick their sorry asses before they kill you and still be reviled. He goes on to say if you are Israel, you choose life! You never again stand back and wait until you are wiped out, the world opinion be damned. And in that we see the trait of a true leader in Bibi as compared to the spineless wretc we have to call a President.

Unknown said...

I usually agree with you, but I think it is high time we pull all embassies out of these hellholes, cut off all their funding, and peg the price of a bushel of grain to the price of a barrel of oil.
Let them eat their oil!

Lime Lite said...

If America were clever they would pull out of the Muslim countries but keep mini-wars between all the Islamic factions going. That way the Muslim instinct for war and violence would be met and they'd leave the West alone. You got to keep the Muslims busy or they soon turn on infidels. They have no life outside of their god and religion. They can't even hold a football match without violence breaking out. Rather let them keep the faction hatred alive and give them something to die for.

Alan Caruba said...

@Bruce: I understand your feelings, but history teaches from the earliest times, maintaining embassies and diplomatic relations can avoid as many problems as might be encountered. They are great places for collecting useful intelligence from allies and others. With the rise of Islam that recognizes no international law, they have become more dangerous missions.

Alan Caruba said...

@Lime Life, too many wars would become exhausting to the West, not to mention affecting the flow of imported ME oil. If, of course, we were really clever, we would be drilling and extracting our own huge reserves...but America has gone stupid over the years. Now, with Obama, it has a Muslim as President (and Marxist too!)so our only option is to remove him in the next election. If we don't, it could be our last election.

Harry Dale Huffman said...

Islam is among religions what "global warming" theory is to good science -- imitative, as you mentioned, but fundamentally wrong-headed.

What is really wrong with the world today is the reliance on unquestioned and aggressive dogmas, in just about every field, over a good understanding of history (not to mention the ability to focus upon the definitive evidence contrary to one's dearest beliefs). The Muslims have invested all of their self-respect in their insane dogma (I count them, and the Black American activists they have suborned over the last 50 years or more -- "Muhammad Ali", once Cassius Clay, being an early example, and an early warning -- among what I call the "Insane Left"). From your labelling of Obama as a Muslim and Marxist, I see that at least some are still able to discern the obvious, and definitive, evidence before their eyes -- but half of the country, at least, equally obviously cannot.

The admonition for our time is one I first sensed when I was 14 years old, and my mind first came alive to the timeless wisdom, and thus easily took to heart 46 years ago, from the inscription over the entrance to the main library at the University of Colorado, Boulder: "Who knows only his own generation remains always a child." Islam and the Insane Left stunt the intellectual development of individuals, so that they never mature, but can only become ever more bitter, and spoiled, as the world fails to be as they desire it to be. Someone like me, a truthseeker and discoverer of unrecognized connections and design in the world, can only counsel a return to study of the true wisdom traditions, and a daily refreshment in the unsurpassed morality of the "Golden Rule" -- do unto others as you would have them do unto you -- over Islam's perversion of it, into "do unto others as they do unto you", which is in practice just "an eye for an eye". You may read what Jesus said about that.

Ronbo said...


I agree 100% with what you say in your article, and I request permission to post it on my blog, as it needs to go VIRAL over the Internet.

Like many other American patriots after 9/11 I pushed for a Declaration of War by Congress against Islam, and considered the response by the Bush Administration to be an attempt at limited war - and limited wars are always doomed to failure.

I think "The Die Is Cast" after the events of this 9/11 and the path leads to world war in seconds, minutes, days, weeks, or months - but world war it will it be.

The days of the "Phony War" against Islam are over...It is only 98 years since the start of the First World War.

Alan Caruba said...

@Ronald. You and everyone else have carte blanche to share any of the commentaries on my blog.

If Iran wants a war, US military power should be part of response. The West has engaged in many wars on Islam--the Crusades are an example--but you defeat an idea with a better idea.

Lime Lite said...

@Alan - I didn't mean America would be carrying out the wars. No, they could stoke them up behind the scene - keep the factions are each other. America needs to remove itself from the ME - period - and from every Muslim country. Stop funding them via aid and don't allow them to move into your country. That goes for every Western country, but we don't. They use our democracy against us to infiltrate and start their nonsense on our soil. We have allowed this to happen to ourselves. We are that dumb.

Unknown said...

Dear Mr. Alan Caruba and my friends,

Look at what is happening in the leaderless Muslim world. Are they capable of killing anyone except each other? I am also a Muslim but I strongly believe that we have nothing in common and Islamic except the TRUE LOVE for the Holy Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). What the Muslims expect from the non-Muslims world is not to show disrespect to their Holy Prophet as they always respect the prophets of all other religions. I don't think that there is any reason to unnecessarily discuss religion in purely geo-political, diplomatic, economic and military plans. It is human nature to dominate the weak when one has enough power to do so. There are historical cycles of domination of powerful nations of weak nations. The Muslims have only one weakness and that is their leadership. Else they are economically and militarily far more human and natural resource rich and powerful than rest of the world including USA, China and India combined. So my request to all is NOT to take Muslims lightly. They are not in a position to fight any war ONLY because they are leaderless. BUT NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT TOMORROW. Osama bin Ladin was an American intelligence asset and whatever he did was not out of his love for Islam. It was an assignment and when that assignment completed he was eliminated as is done in counter intelligence as a rule. What is the logical way out of religious hatred syndrome? STOP DISCUSSING THE RELIGIOUS DIFFERENCES AND TREAT EVERYONE AS A FELLOW HUMAN BEING DESERVING EVERYONE'S RESPECT.

John said...

Wow great blog great article...its time for truth and our muslim commenter seems to believe that respect trumps truth. I on the other hand believe that there is not various truthes out there. One thing is clear to me in history is truth is nowhere to be found in islam or its prophet and until they see that no respect has been earned.