Saturday, September 22, 2012

Obama is Hope-Less

By Alan Caruba
On October 9, 2009, barely nine months after his inauguration on January 20th, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to President Obama. At the time, the committee said it was being awarded “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. The Committee has attached special importance to Obama's vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons.”

Only a fool would say that Obama’s international diplomacy has worked. The siege of our Cairo embassy hoisted the flag of al Qaeda. Our Ambassador to Libya has been killed. Syria’s dictator kills his own people with abandon. The Iranians have not stopped working toward being able to make their own nuclear weapons and from Morocco to Indonesia, in a large swath of the world there are rallies whose slogan is “Death to America.”

While President Obama’s performance in office will be dissected by future historians, those of us who have to live through the experience day to day are often left wondering why he chose to pursue various policies.

A big part of the answer is that Obama is a dedicated Marxist. The recent tape of his 1998 discussion of the “redistribution of wealth” is pure Communism. It isn’t garden variety Socialism. A large part of the U.S. population has had some difficulty understanding what Obama was doing because they have never encountered Marxism so directly before.

The U.S. has been adopting “progressive” policies and programs since the days of Teddy Roosevelt and his nephew Franklin D. Roosevelt and it must be said that even Republicans in the White House and Congress embraced them.

The result are “entitlement” programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid that have so distorted the economy that it is now impossible for Congress to balance a budget in which more than half is devoted to these programs before a single dollar is spent on defense and other domestic programs..

At the very beginning of the nation, Benjamin Franklin warned that “When the people find they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”

The result of Obama’s first term has been the piling up of the kind of debt never seen in the entire history of the nation even during World War II. While it is true that Obama arrived as the wreckage of the 2008 financial crisis lay all about, the actions he took were odd.

The crisis which too conveniently occurred at the very end of George W. Bush’s second term during the 2008 presidential election campaign was the result of government policies reaching back to the days of FDR when the government decided to manipulate the nation’s housing sector by creating Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to purchase mortgages issued by the nation’s banks.

When the crisis occurred, these “government sponsored entities” owned fifty percent of all mortgages and had been bundling them into assets sold to banks and investment firms. They would be dubbed “toxic assets” of unknown origin and no real value. They killed Lehman Brothers and required a massive bailout of major banks and investment firms.

Few argue that major banks had to be saved, but Obama had no need to seize control of General Motors and Chrysler. They could have gone through an ordinary bankruptcy procedure and emerged the better for it. Obama, however, was not concerned about the auto companies so much as he was concerned about the auto unions. In the process, the company’s creditors and stockholders were shunted aside. Americans have always opposed the nationalization of its industries. It is Communism.

As the U.S. economy began to fail, unemployment climbed to Great Depression heights, people lost their homes, the food stamps program expanded exponentially, and as unemployment benefits ran out, people signed up for Social Security disability benefits in huge numbers. The Federal Reserve, an independent banking cartel, announced “quantitative easing” that involved printing money out of thin air to infuse it into the economy. This devalued the U.S. Dollar and we are now to be subjected to a third such failed effort.

For the first time in the nation’s history, our credit rating was reduced and that process continues. If Obama is deliberately trying to destroy the economy, he is succeeding. All talk of “redistributing wealth” is pure Communism.

In the area of foreign affairs, Obama took credit for the U.S. withdraw of troops from Iraq that the Bush administration negotiated and then up’d the ante by inserting more troops in Afghanistan while setting a date for withdrawal; a war that the U.S. was losing and continues to lose. Even the troops Obama “surged” into Afghanistan have been withdrawn.

Our NATO partners are all bailing out as swiftly as they can, but Obama will let the Taliban kill our soldiers through 2013 insofar as they know the NATO coalition will be gone and no retribution will be exacted.

Indeed, the only retribution of any sort one can point to was the assassination of Osama bin Laden for which Obama took full credit over and over again. Did this possibly anger Muslims in the Middle East? Unquestionably. But the notion that Obama has an al Qaeda “kill list” that he personally was pursuing with antiseptic drone attacks evokes some very scary thoughts about this President.

The biggest failure is the one filling the front pages of newspapers and the television screens. His outreach to Islamists was greeted with the most predictable response ever. Apologizing for America. Bowing to the Saudi King. They perceived he was weak and it was an invitation to overthrow dictators and replace them with the Muslim Brotherhood. The “Arab Spring” was never about democracy and never about freedom. It was about Sharia law.

The son of a Muslim father, raised in a Muslim nation as a youth, attending mosques with his Muslim step-father, and on record to support Muslims, should surely have known that a holy war had been pursued for over three decades by the time he took office.

Even so, the White House completely failed to heed the inherent danger of the 9/11 anniversary and our Libyan Ambassador paid for it with his life, along with three of his staff. Obama’s policy appears to be one that says if we do nothing, maybe they will leave us alone. They didn’t. They won’t. Instead, as our embassies were under siege, the President was attending fund-raising events and appearing on television with David Letterman.

In line with his intent to destroy the nation, his administration’s target of choice was the energy sector and coal mines and power plants are shutting down across America. The massive amount of federal land has been off-limits to drilling for oil or gas, but fortunately it is occurring on privately owned lands. By deterring the building of the Canadian oil pipeline Obama killed an estimated 20,000 jobs that would have been created and thwarted the oil that would be transported to U.S. refineries.

In addition to the “stimulus” the Obama administration threw billions at the most loony forms of energy, solar, wind, and biofuels. At one point, he even suggested pond scum, algae, as an energy source worth funding. GM’s electric cars cost $49,000 each and have few buyers other than the U.S. government.

In concert with the Departments of Energy and Interior, the Environmental Protection Agency was unleashed to pursue an orgy of regulation-making that has required the House of Representatives to vote to rein it in for fear of the economic destruction that would ensue. This legislation and every budget Obama put forward to Congress has been defeated or stalled in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

Obama is counting heavily on the short memory span of most Americans, understandably concerned with their own problems, but their problems are entirely the result of his administration’s policies.

The pundits are wondering for whom distressed Americans will vote. Most assume they will vote for Obama, but Americans do not like being out of work with no prospect of new jobs or living with their parents after four debt-filled years of college.

And, lastly, there are disquieting reports that Obama administration departments and agencies are purchasing massive amounts of ammunition. The only people they would be used against are Americans.

None of this bodes well for the first Communist President of the United States, but with any luck a majority of voters will choose a successful venture capitalist to replace him and to do what Republicans have had to do since the days of FDR, clean up the mess that Democrats have left behind.

© Alan Caruba, 2012


Harry Dale Huffman said...

Off topic, it might seem at first blush, but did you notice Google has put an "Obama '12 Bumper Stickers" advertisement at the top of your site, right next to your "Obama Hope-less" title? I expect this happened because their mindless ad-placing software just matched "Obama" in both the title and the ad, without regard for the fact that one was anti-Obama and the other pro-Obama. The chilling irony is that the supporters of Obama are just as mindless as that software.

Alan Caruba said...

@Harry: In truth I had not noticed that, but I rarely, if ever, look at the Google ads on my blog or any other. Interesting juxtapostion.

Guy in Ohio said...

I use Firefox with the Adblock Plus add-on, so I'm spared all those pesky advertisements. Good thing too, because I don't know if I could handle seeing an Obama ad on this site!

Unknown said...

All the polls, even fox , has Obama favored to win. From what I can see republican candidates are in trouble.

I wish it was not so but it appears to be.

steve_in_ct said...

Alan, Obama is a Fabian socialist, not a Marxist. The difference is important so that we understand the manner in which they effect change.

Ronbo said...


Excellent article that speaks volumes in a few paragraphs - I agree - the president of the United States of America is a Communist.

I would also suggest that the destruction of the private American economy and the imposition of Communism has been his main goal from January 20, 2009 to this day.

Therefore, President Obama is a traitor and the main enemy of the Republic under 18 U.S.C. 2381 - TREASON.

"Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason AND SHALL SUFFER DEATH, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States."

Ronbo said...

Blogger Unknown said...

"All the polls, even fox , has Obama favored to win. From what I can see republican candidates are in trouble.

I wish it was not so but it appears to be."

As Rush Limbaugh said over a year ago - the Lamestream Media would be in the can for Obama - and the polls faked to favor him - until about one week before the election.

Remember 1980? The LSM had Carter polling ahead of Reagan almost to the last minute before the election - As we know today, Reagan beat Carter in a landslide.

Unknown said...

It was frightening even before he got elected. That's why so many people didn't want him in office. Too bad the majority of the folks out there can't really process the bilge he's been shoveling for the past 5 years...

Unknown said...

Why doesn't the Romney campaign bring out the facts about Obama the way you do, Alan? For some reason McCain avoided the truth about this man too, and lost the election. Seems to me there is so much information out there that should defeat Obama, either collectively or singularly. (For instance the off-mic conversation with Medvedev?) This is the most important battle we have to fight. Are the Republicans going to let this one slip away by default? They owe it to all of us to tell us the truth about this person who is definitely bringing us "change" and leaving us with very little "hope". Laura Ingram was right...if we lose this one, the Republican Party needs to completely re-organize.

Unknown said...

Alan, is it possible for someone to mess with your site? I have had 3 comments just disappear when I hit "publish". I think 2 attempts were successful, so this is another try and "test".

Alan Caruba said...

@Bonnie. The site seems to be working in terms of comments received and posted.

SoulStraw3 said...

Klansman Alan. Your hateful rants ends up as the proven why Barack Obama WILL win Re-election.

Nobody will vote for people who insult their intelligence. Not to mention your hateful rant has proven What I said about you to be true...

You ARE a racist. You ARE a bigot, and ARE and extremist to the core!

Obama is a bad President, I won't deny that. But here is ALSO what he is:
1. he's not a traitor, but those who accuse him without facts are dangerously close to being so.
2. Not Marxist.
3. Not America's enemy
4. Usurping who? Bush lol
5. Not a fraud, but not an honest man...neither is Romney!
6. Obama is not a Communist. Their are no communists in this country.
7. Obama does not hate America. He lives here.
8. Nobody was worse President than Carter or Bush.

9. Hes trying to fix America. its very hard if you didnt know.
12. He's Catholic NOT Muslim.
13. No he hasnt done anything illegal or wrong so he can't be impeached!

I wish to thank you for proving us right! that overt and bald-faced racism has found itself institutionalized in the modern Republican Party.

but at this point the main thrust of the Romney/Ryan campaign hinges on hatred of Obama -- disguised as policy issues -- but actually primarily because of his race. Birithirism, accusations that he is both a communist and a fascist (although they are on opposite ends of the political spectrum) and flagrant lies about his positions are all fueled not by fact -- but by racism. For example, the republi-con lie that Obama is taking away the work requirement from welfare is a transparent attempt to frighten susceptible whites. But -- race-baiting is a modern republican party tradition. Abraham Lincoln is appalled.

If Obama was white, would there be such a backlash?

the percentage of Republicans doubting or denying Obama's birth in the U.S. is essentially unchanged. Nothing will convince them, for the simple reason that they cannot accept the idea that a Black man really is our President.

Alan Caruba said...

@Straw: Your comment is the classic response of any liberal with its accusation of racism.

To suggest there are no communists in the USA means you are unaware of the long history of the Communist Party USA and you can even visit their website.

If Obama is hated, it is not for his race (he's half white) but for his policies that have heaped debt on this and future generations, rendered 23 million unemployed, etc, etc.

You will continue in your ignorance and I will continue to write the truth about Obama.

If it is playing near you, go see "Obama 2016" and learn something.

TexasFred said...

SoulStraw, wow, I am shocked it had the ability to read your blog... LMAO... I banned that clown a long time ago on MY blog, I just don't have the time or patience for Obama sycophants.

TexasFred said...

And as a point of order, Obama is NOT a Catholic. It appears that SoulStraw has it all wrong on that one too..

Religious affiliations of Presidents of the United States

No denominational affiliation Thomas Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln
Andrew Johnson
Ulysses Grant
Rutherford Hayes
Barack Obama (previously United Church of Christ)

Just sayin', maybe someone needs to research his statements before he makes them and looks more foolish...

Alan Caruba said...

Thanks, gents.

And Staw is herewith forever banned from this blog. The Great Oz has spoken!

Ronbo said...


SoulStraw3 left exactly the same comment on my blog concerning one of my many articles on Obama.

I would not be surprised to learn that this man or woman is an employee of the DNC or the AFL-CIO and tasked with making pro-Obama remarks on patriot blogs.

I suppose we should feel honored that the opposition thinks certain targeted blogs have major influence in the Tea Party Community and are thus worthy of their hate filled attacks.