Thursday, April 3, 2014

Americans are Drowning in Lies

By Alan Caruba

In the April 1 edition of The Wall Street Journal, an editorial took note of President Obama’s announcement the previous day that sign-ups for Obamacare had passed seven million.

“Suddenly ObamaCare is a roaring success, happy days are here again and liberals are euphoric, or claim to be. There are more than a few reasons to doubt this new fairy tale, not least the behavior of Senate Democrats running for re-election this year.”

I usually don’t quote from other newspapers for the simple reason that most just repeat Obama’s lies. To an old journalist, that’s very depressing.

It’s depressing, too, to contemplate the list of Obama administration scandals, not the least of which is the September 11, 2012 attack on our Benghazi consulate that took the life of a U.S. ambassador and three security personnel. The claim that it was a spontaneous response to a video has been completely discredited.

“The Benghazi  Report” of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has been published by Skyhorse Publishing. It documents a complete lack of truth and morality regarding the event and it has cascaded through the entire administration from the day Obama first took office in 2009. It was summed up by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s now classic response, “What difference does it make?”

What historians will likely find astonishing is the way Hillary Clinton is the only person mentioned as the Democratic Party candidate for President in the 2016 elections. I find it distressing that former Governor Jeb Bush is being touted as the Republican choice. With the exception of Obama who defeated Hillary in the 2008 primaries, the U.S. has had a Bush or Clinton as President since 1989.

We fought a Revolution to rid ourselves of such monarchies or in this case political dynasties.

There’s something fundamentally wrong with such lines of succession, but worse is the notion that the Democratic Party would even consider someone—Hillary Clinton—whose character, let alone her policies, have been so seriously flawed and documented for so long.

The most current and obvious demonstration of the lies with which we have been living since Obama was first elected is Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act that was passed solely by Democratic Party votes and by legislators that never even read it. This has been compounded by the now famous lies of the President concerning it.

Obamacare is so toxic that Democrat candidates up for election or reelection in the November 2014 midterms have fleeing their votes or support, now claiming that it merely needs revision, not repeal. Even the Republican Party has taken this position and both are wrong to do so. It puts the government in control of one sixth of the economy and the lives of all Americans. Some will die as a result.

Most revealing is Sen. Dick Durbin’s April 1st statement that “The free enterprise system is a strong system” but that it “created unfairness and injustice when it came to health care, which we are addressing with this Affordable Care Act.” Free enterprise is what made America the most powerful economy in the world. There is no system anywhere that does not suffer from some degree of unfairness because all are the product of human invention. Life is not fair.

The only “injustice” Durbin could be addressing is whether one could afford the health care insurance plans formerly available from many sources. Now the injustice is embodied in a government that requires its citizens to buy something they may not want and threatens to fine them if they don’t. This is so monumentally unconstitutional that the Supreme Court had to define Obamacare as a tax to enable it. That too is a lie.

We used to be able to depend on the U.S. Constitution to guarantee our freedoms and maintain the nation’s moral values but it has been interpreted to permit the murder of the unborn since the 1970s. There are lawsuits before it to protect the freedom of religion because of Obamacare. The assaults on our freedoms and moral values never end.

And now the nation is drifting toward the legalization of marijuana, a gateway drug to harder ones. We have a President who was a former “pot” smoker. If driving while under the influence of alcohol is sufficient to kill thousands annually, this new intoxicant will increase those numbers.

Epitomizing the lies with which we are living these days—other than Obama’s—is the Democratic Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, who has reached the point of lying about his lies even though there are ample videotaped examples of them. Adding to this is his claim that those relating horror stories about their loss of health care insurance are all lying. Reid is one of the most powerful figures in our government these days and utterly devoid of the truth.

One has to have some confidence in one’s government, but that feeling is in decline and that is well worth worrying about.

© Alan Caruba, 2014


Travis sez said...

I reached the age of 80 a couple of days ago. At the suggestion of my then Radio Host, Lee Rodgers, R.I.P., it became useful to take statements of habitual liars with a grain of salt, and worse offenders, who lie even when the truth would serve them better, I must assume the very opposite of their statement is the actual truth. This is helpful when the POTUS is speaking. In addition, when he pauses in mid-sentence, an even bigger whopper is about to come out of his mouth. It is the saddest state of affairs.

Travis sez said...

Those who habitually lie, (who lie even when the truth would serve them better), one must assume the very opposite of the statement is the actual truth. This is helpful when BHO, the POTUS is speaking. In addition, when he pauses in mid-sentence, expect even bigger whopper is about to come out of his mouth. It is the saddest state of affairs. I reached age 80 a couple of days back and I have always used this approach in the search of Truth, Justice and the American Way of Life.

TexasFred said...

Sadly, I have little confidence in our *future* government... The GOP is basically *Dem Lite*...

gregtuco said...

"There’s something fundamentally wrong with such lines of succession."

Yes there is.

Why ARE these political crime families in the lead for the nation's highest office year after year, decade after decade? Because the POTUS is NOT the nation's highest office, it's the North American Globalist Errand Boy's office, which, in the grand scheme of things, equates to about a mid-level, regional managers job for the REAL powers that be. The Bush and Clinton gangs just happen to be the vetted, pedigreed and trusted mid-level managers of choice for these criminal scum.

blue skies said...

Alan, your articles are very enlightening and enjoyable to read.

Do you have an article on the fraud that is taking place in the financial sector? Seems every week we hear of bankers dying. What's going on?

Thank you for your insight. Your point of view is refreshing.

Alan Caruba said...

@Blue Skies. Thank you. I am glad you enjoy my commentaries. I do not write about financial matters, banks, etc., as a general rule. Others do it far better than I.