Sunday, March 8, 2009

Attending a Conference

Regular visitors to this blog will notice my absense for the next few days. I will be attending the 2nd annual International Conference on Climate Change that will bring together some 800 of the world's leading climatologists, meteoroligists, economists and others who have led the effort to debunk the greatest hoax of modern times, global warming.

It is sponsored by the Heartland Institute, a non-profit, free market think tank you can check out at

I will have much to report when I return.

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Under The Hood said...


Have a good time, don't get *too* steamed up, or you will be a contributor to G****l W*****g.

I look forward to your return.

As might you mine.

I am going on a 3-day holiday, only an hour's drive from here, but an hour closer to the bookshops of St Catharine's Ontario.

(signed) Deputy Acting-Assistant Pedant.