Monday, March 2, 2009

Is America Being Deliberately Destroyed?

By Alan Caruba

As the Dow continues to plummet and President Obama’s approval rating continues to diminish, it is time to ask if all the programs being put forth by his administration are a deliberate effort to destroy the nation’s economy.

These mindless borrowing, spending and taxing programs can have no other rational purpose than the deliberate impoverishment of all Americans through joblessness, rising taxes, the debasing of the dollar’s value, and environmental regulations that will cripple industry and increase the cost of energy.

If a foreign power had invaded our nation and imposed these measures we would be at war with it.

With all the numbers, the billions and the trillions coming at us every day, White House budgets, proposals to raise taxes “on the rich”, a new health care scheme, a “cap-and-trade” emissions plan to penalize utilities and all other companies for releasing “greenhouse gas” emissions, it has been a dizzying ride since January 20th and it’s all downhill.

What could justify the obscene failure of Congress to hold a single hearing before passing a “stimulus” plan that apparently none of its members had read before voting on it. It represents nothing more than an accumulation of the thousands of Democrat “earmarks” that Congress knew former President George W. Bush would have vetoed.

This wasn’t a bill that was hastily cobbled together in response to the financial crisis. It was waiting for Democrat control of Congress and the White House. The pork-laden “stimulus” bill will have no significant effect this year or next and those major infrastructure projects will not come to fruition for many more years.

The financial crisis now appears to have been purposefully initiated with an incident in September, prior to Election Day, in which an electronic run on major U.S. banks of several billions of dollars was perpetrated, knowing it would create a cascade of failures. There is nothing accidental about the current financial crisis.

Every single American as well as Americans yet to be born will be saddled with huge debts tied to a multi-trillion-dollar deficit that President Obama has endorsed and Congress has created. It is a deficit he promises to cut in half, but not until he is re-elected. Do you believe him?

We have a runaway Congress which, with the exception of its Republican members, is utterly indifferent to the needs and wants of Americans in a headlong rush to impose still more socialism upon a nation that grew powerful and wealthy in the practice of free market capitalism.

Is it deliberate? Yes, of course, it is!

There is a reason that CNBC analyst Rick Santelli became a sensation after he spoke out against President Obama's proposed $275 billion deficit-financed homeowner bailout plan and other massive spending measures with a call for a new Boston "tea party" from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

The fate of this nation hangs in the balance if citizens do not organize to get Obama's policies withdrawn and reversed. The current members of Congress—the Democrats at least—have to be deluged with emails, calls and letters to get them to back off the proposed White House legislation and the administration’s regulatory plans. That’s how politics works.

It is not too soon to begin planning to elect a Republican-controlled Congress in 2010 to stop the bleeding.


libertyforusa said...

There are several things I can count on with your articles.
Besides your flair and colorful presentation of the facts, you usually insert interesting tidbits of information you have collected over the years in your stories.
Another aspect that I have come to observe, is that you become particularly fired up after writing about the continued farce of Global Warming!
So after reading you were taking off the gloves now on Obamas policies, I was expecting something extra today!
You went straight for the heart of the matter with your title!
I have thought that Obamas agenda was always full fledged Marxism. The mutual actions imposed by the majority and Obama we have seen are those one could classify as a complete dismantling of our economic system. This is precisely what radical Marxist groups have advocated for decades.

So many people think everything is just fine. They have no inkling on what is transpiring. This country is being pushed over a precipice as quickly as "they" can manage. The slide is very steep beyond that edge. I feel that I can see this clearly, yet so many are failing to see the danger.
It has the feeling of a hostile takeover of my country.
So thanks to have the courage to say this, it needs to be said and heard. We can't let our country slide over that cliff!

Alan Caruba said...

Thanks...and remember to send me a postcard when "they" take me to their ghulag!

Sailingbum said...


Get a gun(s) and they will think twice about dragging you off to minnesota.. Thanks to franken it is the current gulag.. Or is it still New york with Klinton and little chuckie shumer??

Alan Caruba said...

I'm hoping the ghulag will be in Hawaii. :-)

Marion Valentine said...

Alan, You are righ on as usual, how many more days of 300 dollar losses on the stock market before Obama calls a National Emergency and evoking the Executive Orders and the provisions of the Biden Crime act. as i outlined in my article America in Peril, and expanded on in my article Planned or Happenstance
Bless yoy Mr. Caruba, and all the rest of the good folks at CFP

Shaman Al the Buffalo Shaman said...


You said, "If a foreign power had invaded our nation and imposed these measures we would be at war with it."

Well "they" have been telling us for a long time Obama isn't a legal American. He has also surrendered America's missle defense to Russia, so a foreign power may very well be in the White House.


2man2 said...

Hi Alan,
Libertyforusa is right. I believe that the country is being deliberately thrown into chaos to panic the general population. With the media fanning the flames of this chaos, and at the same time worshipping the Bamster as our savior, we are witnessing a bloodless coup d'etat. The mainstream media has abandoned it's role as government watchdog and are providing cover, (whether they know it or not) for this coup. And not a single word is being heard from the minority party. So what's next? A dictatorship for our own good? It sure won't be the first time in history for this scenario.

Guy said...

For several weeks, I've been asking myself, and anyone who will listen, just exactly why any thinking congressman, senator, president, or politician would support these supposed "solutions" to our economic problems. It's painfully obvious to anyone with a brain that none of these "stimulus plans" or bailouts could possibly do anything but accelerate the problems, perceived or real, that we face. A few weeks back, I theorized that perhaps this was just a big money and power grab, driven purely by greed. I now have no doubt that it certainly is at least as ugly as that, but I am slowly coming to the same conclusion that you are Alan. There are some very evil forces at work here....

I horrifies me to think that we may have traitors in our White House, but it's getting harder and harder to think otherwise. Faced with the overwhelming connections between our new administration and the "who's who list" of socialists, radical muslims, and downright communists they've allied themselves with, how can we think otherwise? Everything that I see happening is a sure-fire formula for the destruction of our society, and they are sparing no expense doing everything in their power to confuse the public with a barrage of lies and misinformation while they do it. Tonight, I saw a story on WGN News claiming that Republicans are abandoning Rush Limbaugh for his "I hope he fails" comment. First of all, from everything I saw, his speech Friday was met with THUNDEROUS applause from Republicans around the world. So, that's lie number one. Secondly, they continue to distort Rush's comment by carefully neglecting to mention the context in which he made the comment. I too hope Obama and his ship of fools and traitors fail ... fail to destroy our country. So, again, another outright distortion of the truth. Rush Limbaugh loves this country, and attempting to paint HIM as the traitor is shameful, but we all know that if you repeat something often enough, it slowly becomes the new truth ....

I don't know about you, but I have no intention of sitting idly by while they do whatever it is they plan to do to this country. I just can't figure out what it is we need to do ....

mikiwud said...

I mentioned on your blog before that NuLabour plus the Evil Union were carrying out a social experiment to see how far the can push a population before they revolt. It may be even worse than that. please read today's devils kitchen. It may be exagerated, but it makes you think.
They took our handguns off us in 1998, as soon as they got in "power"......
At least one of our anti-Brown web sites has vanished without a trace.

Alan Caruba said...

This distortion of Rush's speech is typical of how the print media is reporting what Republicans say and do. Talk radio fills in the gaps.

While he was applauded throughout, I think there is something to the view that Republicans are disorganized and in disarray. I think, too, there may be a real divide between conservatives and those who are Republicans, if the latter reflect the likes of Lindsey Graham or John McCain.

Norma said...

I'd feel better if the Republican party weren't bleeding from its own spending. They were hardly "conservative" when given the opportunity.

Alan Caruba said...

Me,too, Norma.

bobirley said...

Hilter Obama has comandeered his way into the Whitehouse illegally. What will it take for congressmen to wake up, Iran or better yet, Russia to attack our soil? He MUST be impeached! Seriously, we have grandchildren, and the little children are the ones being hurt for generations to come....

R. Hartman said...

Right on the money, Alan.
It's the same over here, in The Netherlands. A simple tell-tale that it's deliberate is the fact that the government will NOT cut their own spending, their leftist hobbies, a single Euro.

On subsidies, foreign 'aid' and other matters they could cut their spending by some 80 billion here, but instead they only talk how it's going to hurt for every Dutchmen, for we have a real crisis, and oh, by the way, Bilderbert (Bilderberg Bert) Koenders is prepared to spend an extra 25 million on Hamas...

Eight months ago our finance minister assured us there would be no crisis, that was an American thing and Europe was sound. Then we 'might feel some impact' and now we have a 'very serious' crisis.

And it's all the shareholders' fault now. Not a word about the expensive, government run financial markets watchdogs that never raised an alarm, not a word about the fact that this whole crisis was government engineered in the first place.

You'd think they'd stop, or at least park, their plans for mileage taxing, that will cost billions. But no, that's 'good for the economy' and more importantly, it'll enable them to tell for each car-driving citizen where he was and when he was there.

Well, government spending has never ever helped the economy yet, as governments have no money. They cannot create wealth, they can only confiscate it, as Reagan pointed out. And I could well do without the infringement on my privacy.

And finally there's climatism. Even while the Al Gore sponsored agendas of GIS and the IPCC are increasingly exposed, and global cooling is underway (perfectly normal climate fluctuations) governements keep pushing for climate control measures, that cost billions and will bring nothing, at best, and a flood of unanticipated bad consequences at worst.

I fear Berg's proceedings will go nowhere. The current line followed by the 'judges' is telling: nobody will force Obama to prove what he cannot. Alan Keyes recently made some very accurate statements. The vid is on Foehammer's site, where poster Gramfan pointed me to your site.

Keep up the good work.

Goal is global poverty and wealth and power for a small self-appointed 'elite'. It will be the end of civilization, the beginning of utter chaos. This is the agenda of the Franfurt School, whose teachings have produced Cultural Marxism, Political Correctness and Critical Theory.

R. Hartman said...

I'm sorry, the last alinea should have preceded the one on Berg's proceedings. The flow is more logical that way. While editing it got misplaced and I had not previewed a second time. I just used this response as base for an article on my own blog as well.

Marion Valentine said...


Over the years many have entered the White House as puppets of those who wish to control all the wealth and resources of the world, none succeeded but did help move the ball closer to the goal.

Circumstances were not right, and a crisis could not be “created” that was dire enough to persuade enough Americans to give up their freedoms to combat the crisis.

Obama is the Communist “Godfather” gone global. Franks, Dodd, Schumer and Durbin “created” the crisis with Fannie/Freddie by blocking every attempt to rein them in from 1998-2006 (it’s in the public records, look it up), Fannie/Freddie crashed in Sept. 2007, taking a few banks and AIG down in the process. The economy had started to adjust and was beginning to show some signs of improvement in Aug. 2008. On Sept 10 2008 McCain pulled 2,2 points ahead of Obama.(RCP national avg Sept.10 2008, McCain 47.4, Obama 45.2) On Sept 11, 2008 there was a 2 hour electronic run on the banks to the tune of 550 Billion, Rep Kanjorski (D) said if the banks had not been closed 5.5 trillion would have been withdrawn and the US economy would have collapsed, and within 24 hrs. the world economy. Thus a “crisis” was created that ensured a win for Obama.

Who but Obama’s Puppet masters George Soros and the 100+ members of the Democracy Alliance have enough money in money market funds to execute such a run on the banks, and tell George Bush and the World, “Go along with our plan for Global Communist Domination, or we will collapse the world’s economy and create Global chaos.

What will be the next “Created Crisis” that will permit Obama to declare a National Emergency which will put his Communist Puppet master Crime bosses in position to rape the worlds resources and people for their personal gain and power.

Marion can be reached at

Unknown said...

YES, Yes, Yes! The state of our country is deliberate. Other countries do not want one 200 year old American being so Rich and powerful. Never again, will people be allowed to be Free to manifest their passions, wealth and desires. When Free people are allowed to experience their God given talents, passions and use their intelligents, there is no limit to what human can accompolish. America scares the crap out of other dictatorships in other countries.
America was so successful
America is being destoryed on purpose.
First, we must realize it is real and is happening.
Thank you for this blog.
Alice Enix
Small Business Owner
Alice In Water Land, Inc.

Unknown said...

Reposting the article today,12/05/2012 and it would still be a correct assessment. The debt clock shows the damage and the sheeple voted this guy back in? What is this? mass hypnosis? The media give us the circus and the fed gives us the bread with food stamps. Might as well stick a fork in Ohio, we're done.