Sunday, March 1, 2009

Green "Civil Disobedience" in D.C.

By Alan Caruba

On Monday, March 2nd, environmentalists will gather in Washington, D.C. for what they self-describe as the “biggest climate civil disobedience in U.S. history.”

The purpose of the Capitol Climate Action Coalition is to bring at least 2,500 people to Washington, D.C. for the purpose of protesting the Capitol Power Plant that uses coal to generate electricity for the Capitol Building. The lighting, heating, cooling, and all other uses of electricity depend on this plant.

The protest asserts that using coal for this purpose will contribute to “global warming.” Only there isn’t any global warming and coal is used to generate just over 50% of all the electricity the nation requires every day. Need it be said that both Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, have endorsed the protest? The plant is owned by Congress.

The Coalition says the plant is a symbol of “coal’s stranglehold on the environment and public health.” This is so absurd that only the brainwashed herds of people who still believe global warming is real would believe it.

If the weather reports are accurate, the protesters will be standing around in at least one foot of snow falling on Washington, D.C.

What the rest of us will be seeing is just one more piece of propaganda by the environmental movement to demonize coal and to advance the greatest hoax of modern times, “global warming.” Since 1998, the weather satellites have recorded a steady cooling trend on Earth.

The Center for Public Integrity has analyzed the data and concluded that “The number of lobbyists seeking to influence federal policy on climate change has grown more than 300 percent in five years, with a slew of new interests from Main Street to Wall Street adding to the challenge of addressing global warming.”

These lobbyists represent a range of concerned parties from those who want to put the brakes on the global warming lies and the regulations that will flow from them to those who want to shape “cap-and-trade” legislation to do the least amount of harm to their interests. The largest number are those trying to end the use of coal as a source of energy in America.

Dr. James Hansen, the man who in 1988 got the global warming ball rolling by testifying before a congressional committee that global warming was the greatest threat facing the Earth, actually participated in a video urging people to come protest. However, Dr. Hansen has been a government employee for decades, the head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies. The Institute has become known for fudging the actual facts about climate trends, having to retract its statements.

Dr. Hansen recently wrote to the heads of England, Germany and other nations demanding that they shut down all their coal-fired plants. There is something profoundly unethical, if not completely nutty, about Dr. Hansen’s activities and he should be fired.

It is doubtful he will be because President Obama is on record as being opposed to coal-fired plants and doesn’t want any more of them built to meet the demand for more electricity as the population of the nation continues to grow.

Obama has surrounded himself with dedicated socialists like Carol Browner as his environmental policy adviser, along with a complete loony, John P. Holdren, as his science advisor. Holdren favors surrendering U.S. sovereignty to “a comprehensive Planetary Regime.”

The Coalition organizing the protest represent many of the largest environmental groups in the nation. There is even a television commercial being aired to suggest that coal-fired plants are a threat to everyone’s health. This is such blatant nonsense that it defies the mind. Do these people and the Obama administration want to plunge the nation into darkness?

Well, why not? If your objective is to destroy the greatest economy and the world’s beacon for freedom and democracy, this makes sense.

Meanwhile, the March 2nd protest will serve as yet another platform for all the lies the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been telling for years. This globalist entity has used false and flawed computer models that have no relationship to the Earth’s actual climate system to advance the global warming hoax.

While the nation’s economy continues to crater, the environmentalists are busy trying to divert everyone’s attention by raising their cries about global warming. You can be sure this will be big news so far as the mainstream media is concerned. It will get wide coverage.

The second annual International Conference on Climate Change to be held in New York next week, March 8-10 is not likely to get media attention other than to ridicule a gathering of more than 500 of the world’s leading climatologists and meteorologists, the president of the Czech Republic, a former U.S. astronaut, and others who will offer scientific papers and presentations that demonstrate that global warming is a hoax.

The D.C. protest will include actress Daryl Hannah and Grammy winner Kathy Mattea as part of the group that will speak out against the most abundant source of energy America possesses.

This protest is part of an effort to systematically destroy America by denying it the electricity in needs to exist. Meanwhile, Congress refuses to allow any exploration and drilling for America’s oil and is putting off limits millions of acres of land that potentially is home to vast amounts of coal and oil that will continue to be denied to Americans.

You don’t have to be paranoid or a conspiracy freak to believe that the enemy is inside the gates.


Rich Kozlovich said...

Good job Alan. You are right on top of this issue.

I asked Marc Morano, who works for Senator Inhofe, if I could reprint an article of his regarding AGW and now I appear to be on his mailing list. That is a great source of infomation. I posted the article here...

You may find it interesting. I made sure to get most of the links in. His e-mails are extensive with links. His e-mail address is in the article.

Alan Caruba said...

The irony, as I write this late Sunday evening, is that the event might have to be called off due to the BLIZZARD about to hit D.C.

The tragedy is that these people don't care that what they say and do makes any sense at all. They're crazy and want everyone else to be crazy too.

Anonymous said...

It is a measure of the powerlessness of Western voters when people and groups in positions of power can can lie and obfuscate at will without real censure; can preach 'change' at the same pulpit as the snake-oil salesman and get lauded for the forked tongue; the flashing enamel acting like a magic wand in a fairy story.
At least from the snake oil salesman you get a tangible product of a bottle of 'something' with which you can oil the door hinges or the bike chain. Forget the blarney.
With the ruling class you had better sew-up your pockets before they get their hands into them.
The politicians and financiers ring-fence their breed from accountability regardless of guilt.
The roads to redress the blatant lies and actions of the ruling elites are being closed to Joe Public in one country after another.
This "Civil Disobedience" march is really against the public interest, is "Anti-Civil", "Anti-Truth","Anti-Civilization", "Anti-Progress", and ultimately,"Anti-Human Existance" It happened in the UK last year and the trial was a travesty of justce. If the Greens had not such a tenacious hold on the roots of power it should be decried as such in the MSM, if they had the true spirit of journalism at heart and not pandering to official and owner's party lie - sorry, line.
The political plan to de-leverage and effectively nullify public protest against them has been effected by extreme and constant propaganda to put in place the pseudo-truth. That many of the population is seeing through the subterfuge leaves them shaking their heads.
'What can we do?' they ask.
Indeed, even in the face of indisputable facts the powerbrokers still lie and cheat. When are they to get their day-of-reckoning?
We really do need change but not by villifying and destroying our means of survival and prosperity. These latter-day Don Quixotes of dreams and buffoonery are anything but chivalrous and gentle.

mikiwud said...

Hanson told the Leaders, including the GERMAN Chancellor, that the coalfired power stations were "Factories of Death" and railways supplying them were "Death Trains".
He has lost the plot and knows no shame. He just spouts verbal diarrhoea and does not understand the connotations, or so egoistical that he no longer cares.

Alan Caruba said...

You're right. In England the courts ruled that the Greens had a right to damage private property, a coal-fired plant, to the tune of thousands of pounds because they were acting in the public's interest. It was a travesty of justice.

Guy said...

Well, I hope those "civil disobeyers" freeze their asses off. Global Warming ...hah! We're into March now, and it was 8 degrees farenheit here last night. Hardly what I would call warm for March in Ohio. Keep the faith ... the truth will set us free!