Monday, April 12, 2010

My Friend Amil Imani, a Former Muslim, Speaks Out

My friend, Amil Imani, along with Noni Darwish, two former Muslims, discuss the fact that they and other "apostates" to Islam, live under constant threats of death for leaving Islam. This video demonstrates how a seventh century "religion" is trying to drag Western civilization down to the level of barbarity practiced widely in the Middle East and elsewhere.

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Ronbo said...

I got an early education in Islam when in 1967 as a member of U.S. Army Military Intelligence I was stationed in Peshawar, Pakistan (Peshawar U.S. Air Force Base, closed in 1971) and saw first hand what life was like under the iron heel of Islam where women were forced to wear the burka and had no employment outside the home, and the few Christians and Hindus whose only source of income was cleaning the sewers and hauling trash.

I didn't see any crimes committed against those considered heretics by the Muslims, but I did hear many stories, such as the one by a Christian Pakistani worker on base who told me his missing right eye was poked out in an anti-Christian riot a few years before...

I have nothing but respect for those who resist the tyranny and terror of Islam. It is the ancient Arabian 7th century cult of the moon god that seeks to conquer the world. It is an early form of totalitarianism. It should be the duty of all freedom loving people in the world to do what they can to liberate those who suffer under its iron heel.

If I were a U.S. Senator I would end every speech like old Cato did in regards to Carthage. I would say, "Furthermore, Islam Must Be Destroyed!"