Thursday, April 22, 2010

Prelutsky Quote of the Day

"Finally, when John Edwards used to go on and on about the two Americas, he pretended to be speaking about the rich and the poor when, as I suspected all along, he was actually referring to those who would or wouldn’t have sex with him. On the other hand, he was correct in suggesting there existed a real division in our nation. As I see it, there are those who see a pile of horse poop and assume there must be a pony, and there are the rest of us who see the same steaming mess and assume that Barack Obama has just delivered another speech."

-- Burt Prelutsky

PS. He has a great book, "Liberals: America's Termites" available at his site.

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Necromancer said...

Burt P is funny and is saying it like it is. Thank you Alan.