Friday, April 2, 2010

Obama's Math Skills

"I know that Obama doesn’t want us to see his birth certificate, his college application or his medical records, but could we at least be granted a peek at his math scores? I mean, I was willing to give him a pass when, during the campaign, he referred to America’s 57 states. In the heat of battle, anyone might confuse the number of states in the Union with the number of varieties the Heinz Company used to promote. But when he announced that with ObamaCare, employers would be able to lower their health insurance costs by 3,000%, I began to have serious concerns. What if he was simply one of those people who couldn’t keep millions, billions and trillions, straight? Might that not help to explain most, if not all, of his economic policies?

Even a school child, even a public school child, should know that you can increase a sum by 3,000% or 300,000%, for that matter, but you can only decrease an amount by 100%."

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Unknown said...

It is possible to decrease any amount by 3000% when you realize the language of lies is not held to the laws of physics or the rules of logic. We are in a real jam here and ubfortunately the only way out is to wake enough people up out of their American Idol Slumber. I am having more conversations everyday with people who are starting to wake up. People of all demographics. I predict if the elections are held in November, the Republicans should take back both houses, lets hope they do not squander the opportunity this time. By the way, you sounded great on the radio.

King of the Paupers said...

Jct: What do you want? Obama went into law. Only the bright guys who are failures at math become lawyers. Most politicians are lawyers. Does that explain the state of the world's finances?