Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Obama's Blame Game

By Alan Caruba

It hasn’t taken long for most Americans to figure out Obama’s blame game in which each new “crisis” requires a straw man to discredit and knock down.

Co-authors, Ken Blackwell, a senior fellow with the Family Research Council, and Ken klukowski, a widely published constitutional lawyer, have joined forces to write “The Blueprint: Obama’s Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency” ($22.95, Lyons Press).

“For Obama to remake our country into what he wants it to be, he must subvert the Supreme Law of the Land.”

Shortly after the passage of Obamacare close to twenty States’ attorney generals joined in a legal suit to challenge its unconstitutional demand that Americans buy government-issued health insurance.

Who can forget the euphoria that led to Obama’s election? “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” said Obama on October 30, 2008. He wasn’t just engaging in the usual overblown campaign rhetoric. He meant it!

Which raises the question, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? The United States of America has the oldest constitution in continual use. It has been amended only twenty-six times in 222 years since 1778. Ten of those amendments are embodied in the Bill of Rights.

In the fifteen months since he was sworn into office we have been witness to the way Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their Democrat cohorts in Congress conduct the business of government. It isn’t pretty.

To borrow from “The Blueprint”, here are the basic elements. We begin with the constant “crisis” factor.

I grant that the financial crisis that occurred in 2008, conveniently just before the election, was real. Suspiciously, it was trigged by sudden massive withdrawals from U.S. banks. To date, no investigation has been pursued, nor have those making the withdrawals been identified. The Federal Reserve stepped in to blunt the attack.

I hasten to point out that the crisis was entirely a creation of the government and its “social justice” programs that distorted to mortgage market. What was not needed, however, was a bogus $787 billion “stimulus” bill that, thus far, has been a failure of stupendous proportions. Passed rapidly with the promise that it would keep the unemployment rate at eight percent, we are now beyond ten percent and rising.

Pathetically wedded to truly bad ideas, the president and the Democrats had waited nearly two decades to “reform” Medicare in America. They took a stab at it during the Clinton years and failed. The Republicans had long offered common sense solutions to some of the obvious problems such as the need for tort reform and expanding the right of insurance companies to sell across state lines, but these were repeatedly defeated.

Instead, Obama insisted the problem was the nation’s physicians, people who devote years of their lives at considerable cost in order to heal the sick. As far as he was concerned they were in fact rapacious gangsters requiring children with a sore throat to get tonsillectomies. He told audiences that the reform was necessary to ensure that the poor were not turned away at the emergency room doors even though a federal law ensures that no one is ever turned away for lack of insurance.

The blame game was expanded to include both the pharmaceutical and insurance industries and this is the same tactic used to advance the horrid Cap-and-Trade Act. The oil, gas and coal companies are identified as the bad guys. This hides the fact that the bill is based on the bogus global warming theory that “greenhouse gases” are warming an Earth that is demonstrably cooling.

The latest “straw man” in the Obama crosshairs is Goldman Sachs, a respected bank that is being set up to advance legislation to further regulate the financial sector. An appearance before a congressional committee is the latest kabuki theatre. The government, however, has been running Ponzi schemes—-Social Security and Medicare—-for decades. Why would we take seriously the same people who are currently spending the nation into intolerable debt?

The final element of Obama’s chicanery is the identification of “victims” and this is always a ruse to infuse any argument with elements of class warfare. In his pitch to save Democrats from being turned out from office in November, Obama has identified with blacks, Hispanics, younger voters and women, presumably the party’s “base” these days, though one suspects even they are catching onto the game.

What the Founders wanted above all was a limited central government with clearly delineated powers. What Americans have gotten, under the spell of various “progressives” since the days of Theodore Roosevelt, is a monstrous government that intervenes and interferes with fundamental capitalism, the free market, is in full attack on private property, and increasingly encroaches on the most elemental of our personal freedoms.

“Barack Obama is waging war against the U.S. Constitution” as he pursues his bizarre agenda of “redistributing the wealth.” This is a fundamentally Marxist concept. It didn’t work for the former Soviet Union. Its economic elements have been abandoned by Red China. It is destroying oil-rich Venezuela. It has enslaved Cubans and North Koreans.

Obama’s blame game will not change. Americans must now unite to “change” our future by electing a Congress composed of men and women who value the Constitution more than the political power that has mistakenly been given to the Democrat Party and its socialist minions.

© Alan Caruba, 2010


nobody said...

Did you ever think it is the collapse of the American economy and the destruction of modern technological civilization that is their goal? Every action, every program, every law they pass has that as its ultimate consequence. That such things are unsustainable is the point. They want them to be failures. Only in failure will they succeed reaching their life long desire.

They do not defend human life because they hate the responsibility of being a human requires: rationality, productivity, and full contact with reality. They hate it so much they are willing to destroy everything, including themselves, to evade that responsibility.

I say this based upon a very simple law of systems: the purpose of a system is what it does. The words issuing from the system in contradiction to its actions are empty smokescreens. The purpose, the motivation, and the goal is made visible by the consequences of the actions.

Unless and until we understand that they do not mean us or anyone well, we will forever be fighting a loosing battle against them. We will assume that they can't really mean what it is they are doing and saying in their off guard moments. Yes, they do mean it with every fiber of their bodies and they have been working toward it all of their lives.

Anonymous said...

The financial "crisis" was the ultimate October Surprise. With McCain leading in the polls, the Dems needed something spectacular to diminish the enthusiasm for McCain that Sarah Palin brought to the Republican ticket. With the financial draw down, McCain fell into the trap, abandoned common sense, suspended his campaign, and trotted off to D.C. ... and there is no conspiracy here? I'm not one for black helicopters, but there have been far too many coinsidences for me not to believe that someone higher than Obama is pulling the strings.