Friday, June 18, 2010

Obama is Shrinking Before Our Eyes


the Tunnel Dweller said...

Back during the Carter administration I read an article on political cartoonists (being one myself at that time). The article observed that as a president's job approval became more in question, he would be drawn smaller and smaller. The example was the way Carter was drawn throughout his (One) term, progressively reduced in size. A turning point to watch for is if liberal cartoonists -Pat Oliphant for one-begin to do this.

Ronbo said...

Dear Tunnel:

A wild animal is always more dangerous when he is cornered and the hunters move in for the kill.

I trust you get my metaphor.

Obama is a redical socialist and many believe a psychopath who has command of the most powerful military and law enforcement machine on the face of the earth.

When cornered he may do any number of very nasty things to survive.

auditions-auditions said...
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Alan Caruba said...
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