Thursday, September 27, 2012

1.9 Million Page Views--100,000 Hits a Month

By Alan Caruba

"Warning Signs" has passed 1.9 million page views this month and a check of the records indicate we crossed 1.8 a month ago and 1.7 the previous month, each within a 30-day period. That's 100,000 visitors a month these days.

It's great to know that a lot of folks enjoy my daily commentaries and, if I may, it helps around here to receive donations to underwrite the research and IT costs involved.

In the remaining time between now and Election Day, November 6, we are all going to need to separate the truth from the massive manipulation by the mainstream media. That's the job of "Warning Signs" and we also keep an eye on international events. The world is on fire these days from Islamic terrorism to the European Union's economic crisis.

And then there is the threat of economic collapse here in the USA. No nation can sustain a $16 trillion debt and $1 trillion a year deficits. Real change, not the socialist transformation Obama has delivered, is needed. Voters need to step up and make that change!

Keep coming back, tell your family, friends, and co-workers about "Warning Signs" and, by the end of October it will cross the $2 million mark.

Did I mention that your donation is needed?  


Lime Lite said...

Congrats Alan! That is a mean achievement.

BTW - if you can recall, I backed Newt to be the GOP candidate. Romney, as nice a person as he appears to be, just doesn't seem to be lighting the voters fires. I truly, truly hope that Romney will pull this off, but I can't help but think that Newt would have done the better job of attacking weakling Obama for the presidency. No matter his baggage, he would have been better at deflecting all the media bias and making Obama panic a little more. As it it, I support Romney, but oh boy, he needs to light a fire! And soon. And only today we read that Romney doesn't want to run a negative campaign against Obama! How does he think he's going to win if he doesn't start getting nasty? The only hope is that he'll come alive during the debates and hopefully win it there! One can only pray.

Alan Caruba said...

I am beginning to privately tell friends that I believe Romney will win by a considerable margin. All the indicators, anectodal and general, are trending towards this. The polls, however, are mostly a distortion and are a wide topic of conversation here.

Lime Lite said...

I hope you're right Alan.