Thursday, September 20, 2012

Prepping the US for Martial Law

By Alan Caruba

This blog is not called "Warning Signs" for nothing. It would appear that the obama administration is prepping Americans for martial law by floating a story that Iran may attack the U.S. homeland. This suggests a "false flag" operation intended to panic Americans with an attack engineered by the administration.

Combined with massive purchases of ammunition by various U.S. agencies, this bodes ill for the weeks between now and the November elections.

A Washington Times article is a possible early indication of this. You can read it at

Considering that the U.S. and allied nations have a huge armada of ships in the Persian Gulf and that Israel will likely attack Iran soon, the notion that Iran would attack the U.S. homeland is small, if not suicidal.

Any such declaration of martial law should be cause for Americans to descend on Washington, D.C. to demand the removal of Obama and his administration.

(c) Alan Caruba, 2012


Judy said...

Oh, why am I not surprised? The daily reports become more and more dire.

Alan Caruba said...

My concern is that Americans may be being manipulated by the White House with the support of the mainstream media.

Judy said...

I think they are!


The stage is set for an attack on Iran. Iran has already stated that if attacked they would strike U.S. bases and ships. Obama is pushing hard for total control. That could be the trigger for their assault on our homeland and his implementing martial law for "our own good".

Ronbo said...

As you are well aware, I have long predicted a “Second U.S. Civil War” (I will leave the title of the coming insurrection to the historians) – And “HELL, YES!” – that could begin with an Obama coup designed to overthrow the Republic in a Hitler style 1933 Weimar putsch under the false flag of a national emergency.

We both know Obama has given himself the authority of dictator by his own Executive Orders.

If an Obama coup were to happen, as you have long noted, one blowback could be about one million heavily armed patriots, many of them military veterans such as myself, showing up in Washington, D.C. to try our hand at the destruction of the Obama Regime.

The right of the American People to rebellion against tyranny has long been established by our Declaration of Independence, and it matters not at all whether the tyrants to be removed from office are foreign or domestic….because all true American patriots believe it is our SACRED DUTY to remove a federal government from existence that has turned traitor against the American People.


However, even if Romney wins, as appears likely at the time of this posting, the Left will never accept a President Romney – and the they will rise in bloody rebellion after he takes office on January 20, 2013.

In fact we may see a replay in a general way of 1861, when the South rose in revolt against President Lincoln.

I’m afraid the next election will only determine who controls the military and federal law enforcement in the coming Holocaust that seems almost inevitable.

TexasFred said...

Once upon a time I would have SHOT someone for saying the things I am thinking and posting on my blog.

I also would have thought that should the USA find itself in such a position that the Joint Chiefs and many Flag Officers would have already formed their plan of action and kept their oath to defend against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.

God have mercy on us ALL if the military falls in on the side of the Socialist in Chief.

scott adie said...

On the 12th of Sept, I posted on Hub Pages my thoughts on this;
The warning signs for over a year have pointed at least to a strong possibility that this could happen. I hope people are paying attention.

Unknown said...

What happened? When I suggested things like this in the comment section of your facebook pages a couple of years ago, I was derided as a tinfoil hat wearing knuckledragger. I'm glad to see you are waking up. BTW I still love reading your posts.

Always On Watch said...

Texas Fred said: God have mercy on us ALL if the military falls in on the side of the Socialist in Chief.

In that case, America as founded is done for -- and multitudes of us are doomed.

Alan Caruba said...

I doubt I derided you, but others may have. My warning was based on widely reported events, but if you were offended then, my apologies. Glad you stuck around to read my commentaries!