Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Greens Hate Energy, America, and You!

By Alan Caruba

I doubt that most Americans have a clue what the leading Green organizations like Friends of the Earth and the Sierra Club have as their agenda for 2009. They have already made it known to their members, so I will share it with you.

There are literally dozens of these groups in the United States and each has their own particular focus of attention, but the largest among them play well together in the giant sandbox of Green utopian fantasies. That’s why both FOE and Sierra Club announced they are looking forward to “a clean slate” from the Obama administration.

“There’s nothing like a fresh start. On his first day in office, President Obama could make four decisions that would start 2009 with a ‘clean slate’ of energy policies,” said Friends of the Earth at the same time, the Sierra Club announced its own “Clean Slate Energy Agenda” that—surprise—was the same.

The focus of both is on energy use and accessibility. Both want a lot LESS energy use. Along with all other environmental organizations both use the bogy man of “global warming” to demand huge reductions in “emissions.”

The Sierra Club informed its members that it wants to “reduce global warming emissions quickly by making it possible for over a dozen states to implement their clean car requirements.” This is the objective of one of President Obama’s earliest executive orders. Driving up the cost of owning and operating a car directly strikes at the ability of Americans to be mobile and independent. Justifying it as necessary to reduce global warming is just a big fat lie. There is NO global warming.

Friends of the Earth are totally opposed to any economy stimulus that might include improving the nation’s infrastructure of highways. They warned the plan “is in danger of being hijacked by the road-building lobby, which wants billions of dollars for unnecessary new roads that would increase global warming pollution.”

Over the years I have come to marvel at the ability of environmental organizations to conjure up statistics faster than a magician can pull a rabbit out of a hat. “”Transportation is responsible for 30 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions and 70 percent of our oil consumption” warned Friends of the Earth. What does it matter that carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) have no impact whatever on the Earth’s climate? And just what is wrong with oil consumption if it contributes to the success and growth of the nation’s economy?

“Just 10 miles of a new four-lane highway lead to emissions that are equivalent to the lifetime emissions of 46,700 new Hummers,” said Friends of the Earth. To which I reply, who cares? With oil prices plunging, those Hummers, particularly in parts of the nation hit by bad weather, look like a good idea. Bottom line: if you can afford a Hummer, where is it written you should not be allowed to own one?

Friends of the Earth, however, want to “shift the debate” in the environmental community to get the nation to avoid “car-centric highways and toward sustainable alternatives such as transit, biking, walking, and smart growth development, that will help fight global warming.”

What are these Green groups going to do when the vast population of the United States and elsewhere around the world concludes that there is no global warming? That day is not far off insofar as the Earth is now fully a decade into a cooling cycle that promises longer, harsher winters and a shift to generally cooler temperatures that will affect all northern hemisphere nations in particular and to an extent those in the southern hemisphere as well.

This explains why the United Nations environmental program has shifted into high gear to get the bogus Kyoto Protocols ratified. Not surprisingly, the U.S. has never signed on to it and even European nations that did are balking at emission reduction mandates. Meanwhile, neither China, nor India, nor many under-developed nations are subject to any of the restrictions. It’s a plan to undermine the economies of developed nations because greens hate humanity in general and successful economies in particular.

We’re not even halfway through the “clean slate” proposals. They include Sierra Club’s call to “require new and existing coal power plants to limit their global warming emissions” and to “end destructive mountaintop removal mining…” Finally, they want to “restore America’s international leadership in the fight to end global warming by publicly committing the U.S. to cut its CO2 emissions at least 35 percent by 2020.”

The Greens are so demented that the American Bird Conservancy released a statement in mid-December hailing the appointments of the new Obama administration. Its idea of stimulating the economy was to “invest $29 million dollars over the next four years in the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act” because “bird watching is now big business.” The Conservancy wants the U.S. to “invest “$540 million in America’s 543 national wildlife refuges” to create more “green jobs.” What a big help that will be to Americans who live primarily in America’s cities and suburbs.

The bird-lovers are a bit conflicted over another recommendation to “invest $30.5 million in the five year extension of the renewable energy production tax credit and making renewable energy tax incentives fully refundable. Wind energy is one of the alternative sources of energy” they recommend, but “if left unregulated, has the potential to kill large numbers of birds and bats and harm fragile habitats.” Well, which is it? Dead birds or more “alternative” energy? Both are extremely bad ideas.

The Greens for all their enthusiasm to spend tax dollars on their favorite notions remain opposed to any real energy generation by coal-fired or nuclear plants to meet current and future needs for electricity. They are utterly opposed to people driving around in cars for any reason and, one must assume, trucks that deliver the goods we require to live.

The longer one listens to what the Greens want, the more one becomes convinced that the members of these organizations must be utterly brain dead and that their objective is to render America a third-world nation by opposing the building of new power plants, along with the exploration and extraction of our natural resources of coal, natural gas, and oil.

Does this sound like a good plan to you?


Necromancer said...

Alan you probably know this but we NEED co2 to eat. It's called photosynthesis that plants and algae need to grow. Combined with light from the sun or even artificial is how things grow. Otherwise the fools would starve to death.

Even I remember that fact from biology 50 years ago.

Alan Caruba said...

Yes, I am well aware of this. It is the single best argument against global warming, cap and trade, etc.

Why the world's media continues to ignore or hide this fact is a mystery.

Rich Kozlovich said...

Dear All,

As the risk of appearing self-promotional I wish to direct your attention to two articles published on my blog, Paradigms and Demographics, by James Marusek.

Jim has retired from the U.S. Department of the Navy. He is also a nuclear physicist and an engineer. He has sent me, along with others, articles to publish. Here are two recent articles that are worth viewing regarding the subject of Climate Change. You might also wish to view his blog, IPMACT.

IMPACT requires some time. It is well done and has a great deal of information regarding all the issues raised by the environmentalists. Take some time to explore his site.

The Approaching Winters

The Sun Has Gone Quiet

Gramfan said...

I am not sure how many people are aware of Maurice Strong and his connections to the IPCC, Al Gore and George Soros.

He was interviewed a long time ago by Daniel Wood in a now-defunct Canadian magazine.

There is more on the 'net about it, but here is a good place to begin:

This piece is written by Ezra Levant.

Matthew Burke said...

The Greenies are giving the term, "Bird-brain," a whole new meaning. Their faith in global-warming is, in my opinion, more "faith-based," than being based on strong science.

Their faith continues even though we've had two of the coldest back-to-back winters on record.

Because of this, they're attempting to change to the more convenient and flexible, "Climate-Change," so that they can have it both ways.

Their religion is led by their head profiteer, the Reverend, Al Gore, who refuses to debate any credible dissenter of their faith.


Alan Caruba said...

Capitalist, I have visited your blog and appreciate you're pointing its vistors here. Welcome to our "family" here!

Necromancer said...

Capitalist I like your blog and have visited and looked a couple of times.However for some reason it takes forever to load and then will not let me out. I'm running the latest version of Firefox and have all the add-ons that block the ads and flash and whatever and on top of that I also have a cable connection with Time-Warner.

Guy said...

Alan, I love the photo. Where DO you come up with this stuff? We need to maufacture a bunch of similar signs, only they should say "Save the COUNTRY, kill yourself ...." and then proudly display them every time we encounter one of these leftists!

Gramfan said...

I have just been sent the keynote address by Lord Monckton of Brenchley.

I am sure you will enjoy it.