Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kill Obamacare Now!

By Alan Caruba

Should the Republicans meet with President Obama to discuss their proposals for the reform of healthcare legislation?


As with everything else involved with Obama, the meeting on Thursday is pure political theatre. It has nothing whatever to do with compromise or changes in his proposed healthcare reform.

The Republicans should not be intimidated into believing that failure to meet with the President will paint them as obstructionists. They are in office for purpose of obstructing this legislative monstrosity and the Senate’s Harry Reid has made it clear he intends to pass any bill that the House sends. Speaker Pelosi has said as much too.

Speaker Pelosi, however, is presiding over a House in which many of its Democrat members are in full flight from Obamacare, knowing that a vote for it is a vote to be defeated in the November midterm elections. Looking across to the Senate, they know that Scott Brown (R-MA) was elected primarily for his opposition to Obamacare.

The bill can be defeated in the House and should be. A bit of history: the Constitution was written to facilitate a slower process of legislating so that bills could be reviewed, debated, and responded to in a fashion that reflected the PEOPLE’S preferences. The Founders knew that any government that could pass anything it wanted at warp speed would swiftly plunder and exhaust the treasury as well as run after every fad that came along.

Since the financial crisis in late 2008, the White House and Congress has functioned on the basis of government-by-crisis.

If restoring stability to the banking sector (the TARP bill) wasn’t enough, the Obama administration told Americans that General Motors and Chrysler had to be saved rather than permitted to go into bankruptcy and be restructured. Then Americans were told that billions had to be borrowed and spent to “stimulate” jobs. All of these bills were passed too swiftly for serious analysis and rebuttal.

On February 17th syndicated columnist and radio personality Hugh Hewitt wrote: “When the GOP lost control of the House and Senate, the annual budget deficit was $161 billion. When President Obama’s budget for next year—with no stimulus and no TARP—calls for $1.6 trillion in red ink.”

What the nation needs is congressional gridlock to ensure that this continued rape of the treasury and our future is stopped.

If the Tea Party movement tells us anything, it is that millions of Americans want a return to the strict interpretation and obedience to the Constitution, and to the principles of fiscal prudence, small government, and a strong defense.

The Republican Party has a chance to demonstrate that by boycotting Thursday’s meeting about Obamacare. They need to stand in front of the microphones and cameras and tell people that their healthcare reform proposals were presented weeks ago to President Obama and that he continues to lie to Americans by suggesting he has not seen or read them.

If the GOP fails to meet this challenge, they will find themselves up against third party candidates that will doom them to minority status in the next election and possibly others to come.

They have the party apparatus to win. What they need now is the courage to oppose the Democrats and President Obama until they can regain control of the Senate and House.

© Alan Caruba, 2010


TexasFred said...

Any so-called Conservative, ANY Republican Senator or Congressman that goes over to *The Dark Side* needs to be removed from office poste haste, Obama is killing America, Obama is killing business.

From The Heritage Foundation: Obama’s “Pro-Business” Policies Are Killing the Free Market

Carolyn said...

I wish they would Mr. Caruba- but my instinct tells me they won't. Listening to the sound bites today (finally!) of the dems like Reid and Biden, Obama and Clinton talking about the "nuclear option" a few years ago shows just how pathetic these people are, and unfortunately, most of the republicans have caved too many times.

Guy said...

We need to intensify the spotlight on Obama's lies. It's gotten to the point where pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. Starting with his claim that Republicans haven't presented any valid health care plans, and ending with the whopper he tossed out there today, claiming he isn't a Socialist and believes in free market principles. There are MOUNTAINS of video and audio evidence to the contrary. Do you know the easiest way to tell when he's lying? It's when you can see his lips moving ....

Alan Caruba said...

Well, Carolyn, my instinct tells me that every Democrat in the House who wants to be reelected is going to run away from Obamacare. I don't think it will get the votes and, if it doesn't, it will never go to the Senate. End of story.