Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Global Warming Coming My Way

In the event you do not see any posts on this blog or on my Facebook page, there's a fairly good chance I may lose electrical power as this monster blizzard arrives Thursday and stays on through Friday.


Guy said...

I trust you have a backup system of some sort? If not, I know a "Guy" who can set you up with one!

Unknown said...

Kind of makes you want to move to Florida doesn't it? It's 41 here this morning where I live near Tampa and only expected to get up into the 60's today. If it doesn't warm up I may have to move farther south.

Don't you feel sorry for me?

Ol James said...

Just call Congress and have them deliver copies of the Health Care Bill, Budget, Bailouts and others to you. This should keep the fires in yallz homes burning until "Glo-Bull Gore" gets the warming trend going again.☺☺
My daughter her hubby and the "2-Little-Huzz'z" are up in Berwick, PA. She says they got 5 inches so far.

Alan Caruba said...

Thanks, gang. It's early Thursday evening and it has been snowing all day, but the only snow that will really stick and build up will be during the night.

Reports suggest it will snow all day tomorrow as well. So long as the streets remain driveable we'll be okay.