Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sade "Sweetest Taboo" for a Mellow Weekend

What ever happened to Sade (pronounced Shar-Day)? This gorgeous creature is a superb singer in the jazz mode, but I have heard nothing about her for years. Treat yourself to five minutes of magic.


Carolyn said...

I loved Sade! I used to listen to her in college, she has such a smooth voice! Thanks Mr. Caruba~

Anonymous said...

What a great singer. Everytime I hear her over the internet on BBC 2I get immediate memories of my time working in Somalia and Kenya (she is a native of Somalia). I bought some of her tapes whilst working in Africa and saw a concert of hers.
She has just released a new number so she is still working hard and on 'the circuit'. What fantastic backing she has, too. Sultry, full bodied voice, she reminds me of the wonderful Julie London who also had a great backing arrangement. Good choice, Alan

Herman said...

My Ma and I used to wear out her CD's (that was when CD's were fairly new!).

Rich Kozlovich said...

In the Cleveland, Ohio area we had a great light jazz station called the WAVE and they played her music a great deal.

Unfortunately they became a rock station after the 1st of the year. No more light jazz and no more Sade. Too bad for Cleveland!

Eddy said...

To answer your question, she just released a new CD.
Check it out: