Monday, April 12, 2010

Guests of Vlad the Impaler

By Alan Caruba

Lately I have been reading and hearing a lot of psychoanalysis of Barack Hussein Obama and it reflects a growing need by pundits and regular folks to figure him out.

The reason is obvious. We are all now the guests of Vlad the Impaler, version 2.0.

As several million unemployed already know, he doesn’t give a rat’s patoot about what it’s like to not have a salary, not have health care coverage, and not be able to make the mortgage or car payment.

Having been abandoned by his birth father, his step-father, and finally by his mother, Barack figured out how to bottle up all that anger, put on a happy face, and pay back America for failing him.

Obama has lived a virtually invisible life whereby no one who ever attended college with him recalls him. He taught at the University of Chicago and not one student has ever come forward to acknowledge having been in one of his classes. Among the friends he did choose, all shared a common theme of hatred for America. If there is a paper trail, it has been carefully sequestered, out of reach, sealed.

Less than a year and a half into his first and, hopefully, last term, all the polls including those of the mainstream media show that people don’t merely “disapprove” of his performance in office, they are seriously worried whether he should even be in office.

If you don’t like America, Barack Hussein Obama knows exactly how you feel and why.

All this was on display throughout the campaign, up to and including delusions of grandeur and omnipotence that in any other setting would have instantly identified him as a mental case. “Yes, we can” shouted the crowd.

What they got, however, was the biggest collection of left-wing nut-jobs one could gather in one spot; most of them designated “czars” and exempt from any investigation by Congress.

Communists, dedicated socialists, weird “scientists” who think reducing the population is the only way to save the Earth; others who think we should abandon all the traditional and known energy sources that keep the lights on and the cars rolling in favor of windmills, solar panels; and bicycles. You know, crazy people!

We got a kind of machine politics that hasn’t been seen in Washington, D.C. since the early days and years of the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration when the Great Depression so frightened people they were willing to watch the federal government expand in ways that were never intended. From time to time, the Supreme Court would staunch the flood of horrid legislation. FDR’s answer was to try to “pack” the court by expanding it.

Today, we have witnessed a Democrat-controlled Congress that just passed a huge “reform” of the nation’s healthcare industries, effectively destroying the relative handful of insurance companies that provided coverage.

With healthcare now under government control and virtually every other commercial and financial activity to suffer the same fate, it is only time before everyone will be issued an ID card to control everything one does.

Where in the Constitution is the federal government authorized to literally own an automobile manufacturer destroyed by its own unions? An insurance company that was so big it was not allowed to fail despite billions in bad transactions? Why, in fact, is the federal government in the business of buying and selling housing mortgages?

For most of the beginning of his first year in office, Obama was everywhere on television, granting interviews to reporters who listened in amazement at his detachment from the reality of the economy. “Are you punch drunk?” asked Steve Kroft of Sixty Minutes. Bret Beir of Fox News fought to keep him focused on the questions being asked.

People swiftly noticed he could not speak extemporaneously. Without the Tele-Prompters, he lost the aura of being all knowing and all seeing. It became a joke. A response to a simple question about taxes recently elicited a rambling 17-minute “answer” that made everyone listening wonder why he could not deliver a simple answer.

And then there are the critical, unanswered questions that will not go away.

Where was he born? Hawaii? Okay, but his father was a British subject, a citizen of Kenya, so rule out his eligibility to be president. Why won’t he produce a real birth certificate? Why are his university records unavailable? What nation’s passport did he travel on when he visited, of all places, Pakistan? Questions, questions, questions.

There is the growing fear that he is not eligible to hold the office, but he has already named one Supreme Court judge and will soon appoint another. He is issuing executive orders. He is signing laws.

In my life, I saw Richard M. Nixon driven from office for official misconduct resulting from the Watergate scandal. I saw Bill Clinton survive impeachment despite having broken several laws that would have put most people in jail.

It is hard to get rid of a really bad president. It may prove harder to get rid of an imposter, a provocateur, a revenge-filled destroyer of the economy and the nation.

I saw this all before he won the office, wrote about it then and wrote about it since. If I did, others did. Indeed, some wrote entire books about it.

So why has no court in America demanded that Barack Hussein Obama produce a birth certificate or any other proof of eligibility?

If a cover-up got Nixon booted and both a real estate deal and a sexual dalliance with a White House intern merited a special prosecutor for Clinton, when doesn’t this question rise to a point of critical concern for the nation?

© Alan Caruba, 2010


jrust said...

....more than a little paranoid IMO.

Ronbo said...


Excellent analysis of the psychopath now holding the Oval Office. I'll post it on my blog with a link back to you.

I know I'm sounding like a one note Sally in regards to Obama, but I think at the end of the day it will be his unusual mental make up that will lead to massive violence in this country.

I just don't see Obama and his lackey socialist wackos going quietly into the night when the opposition is finally marching on the White House with torches and pitchforks yelling, "To the castle! Kill the monsters!"

The title of a recent movie perhaps shows the direction this country is headed under our Vlad The Impaler, "There Will Be Blood."

Unknown said...

All I had to know about Obama, back during the campaign, was his Alinsky connection. He hasn't done a thing since the election which was out of character. He hasn't done anything in a policy sense which I and numerous others did not predict.

Now, many of his original true-believers are watching in horror--but about all I can say is, "Hey, whadja expect?"

Unknown said...

jrust, if a person rationally believes that policies are against the best interests of the nation, is it paranoia if one is concerned?

Our monetary policy is wrong. Our foreign policy has us negotiating from a position of weakness--and that's wrong.

The takeover of private sector business is wrong--and I among others see it as unconstitutional.

The various taxation proposals if passed will lead to less economic activity and more joblessness.

These are things going on right now, and I don't see where being worried about the end result is in any way paranoia.

Rachel Pohli said...

Definitely NOT "more than a little paranoid". I've been asking myself the same questions. I'm baffled by how he has been able to pull off what he has, not having to produce any proof of his eligibility. If Nixon & Clinton were not above scrutiny and eventual legal action, how is it that Obama seems to escape these things? There's got to be a journalist or someone, somewhere, who will uncover & reveal the kind of information about Obama that CANNOT be ignored. I just hope that it would not be too late, and that all these horrific policies & legislation he has enacted could be reversed.

Anonymous said...

Cue Twilight Zone theme music?

They do have lapses every now and again, that need to be covered over by their enablers. Whether that's one or not, only time will tell. If it's "health" related, it'll happen again, hopefully in public where we can all see him melt down. Then only his most loyal and/or delusional sycophants will remain true, ...all 2 or 3 of them.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Ref:"I saw this all before he won the office..."

Yes, Yes indeed! I saw this all...

Back in July of '08 I scratched out this note on my side bar,

"From the first time I heard about the boogey-man as a child to the first time I got shot at in Vietnam, nothing in my entire lifetime, THAT'S NOTHING! has put more fear into me than this man Obama."