Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Caruba Quoted in Mother Jones & Business Week

I occasionally get quoted in the mainstream media and when a Mother Jones reporter asked my opinion of the effort to declare the diamond back rattlesnake on the endangered list, I told him that it was absurd. He had found me via my recent blog post on the Endangered Species Act.

The Mother Jones reporter asked if there was a connection between the rattlesnake and the Tea Party use of the famed "Don't Tread on Me" flag from the days of the Revolution. I shot that down!

Well, a reporter at Business Week picked up on the Mother Jones article and quoted yours truly in his own.

This is why I continue to ask for donations because Warning Signs is getting noticed in the mainstream media and I do a fair amount of radio interviews as well. It gets the conservative message out there and God knows it's hard to break through the liberal blather served up as news.

The articles are brief and fun to read:


LarryOldtimer said...

As far as I am concerned, no species should be protected. Florida has protected alligators, and even salt water crocodiles.

Now there are both alligators and the crocodiles attacking humans, and the crocodiles have grown to about 16 feet in length, and are attacking and eating humans off shore and on the beaches of southern Florida.

Louisiana did not protect alligators, and the alligaters are doing well without protection, and are providing Cajuns with lots of both meat and leather goods.

If you want a species to increase in numbers, make sure that it is valuable to humans.

TexasFred said...

If ALL publicity is GOOD publicity, a link from Mother Moonbat, uh, Jones, should be nearly priceless...

In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny, "What a bunch of maroons..."

Great piece Alan, and Mother Jones too? LMAO... Priceless...